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5 ATEEZ Tracks That Prove Hongjoong Is An Elite-Tier Songwriter

5 ATEEZ Tracks That Prove Hongjoong Is An Elite-Tier Songwriter

We’ve spoken before about how ATEEZ are the absolute Kings of performance, but did you know that their leader and captain is one of the most credited 4th Gen artists too? Kim Hongjoong is an epic songwriter, and we’re gonna prove it!

ATEEZ might be known for their intense hard-hitting tracks like ‘Guerrilla’ and ‘Fireworks (I’m The One)’ but don’t for one second think that’s all they do! In the four years since they debuted, ATEEZ have created and curated an incredibly diverse discography, and a big part of that is thanks (or ‘THANXX’) to the leadership and creativity of Hongjoong.

Of course, KQ Entertainment have a team of formidable in-house writers and producers. Plus our boy Mingi is a 10/10 lyricist, not to mention that all eight of ATEEZ bring their own color and influence to the recording studio! But today we’re celebrating our Captain Hongjoong, with just some of the songs we think prove that he deserves ultimate accolades for being one of the best songwriters out there!

‘Good Lil Boy’

Our Hongjoong isn’t just an amazing songwriter, he’s also an iconic producer! On ‘Good Lil Boy’ the Captain has writing, producing and composing credits. ‘Good Lil Boy’ is one of the most iconic and enduring songs in ATEEZ’s catalog, and its longevity is testament to Hongjoong’s skills.

‘Eternal Sunshine’ And ‘Deja Vu’

One of our very favorite things is when ATEEZ release double title tracks that perfectly showcase their versatility. We’d argue that the pair that prove this the most is ‘Eternal Sunshine’ and ‘Deja Vu’ from Zero: Fever Part 3, both of which Hongjoong and Mingi co-wrote. ‘Deja Vu’ is, we’ll just go ahead and say it, one of the sexiest K-Pop songs out there.

On the other hand, ‘Eternal Sunshine’ is full of brightness and well, sunshine! The duality of these two songs not only showcases ATEEZ’s versatility as performers but Hongjoong and Mingi’s versatility as writers too.


ATEEZ’s ‘Guerrilla’ surely has to be one of the best title tracks of 2022, right? It’s incredibly intense and we think it will play a part in shaping ATEEZ’s staple sound moving forward. ‘Guerrilla’ is such a unique track that we think it showcases not only Hongjoong as a songwriter, but as a leader too – he’s not afraid to take his group through uncharted territory.


‘Aurora’ is arguably the prettiest song in ATEEZ’s entire discography, and it was written, produced, and composed by Hongjoong. The dreamy pop track is unlike almost anything else they’ve ever done (except maybe ‘Sunrise,’ which the Captain also has several credits on), and this contrast especially stark when you put it side-by-side with a song like ‘Guerrilla.’ Get you a king who can do it all!

Slight tangent, but we also have to say: if you add anything to your to-do list today, make sure it’s to watch a live performance of ‘Aurora.’ Just trust us. It’s perfect.

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Hongjoong’s name is all over the credits of every ATEEZ album tracklist, and we probably can’t do that, or his talents, justice in just five songs, but we’ve done our best!

What’s your favorite Hongjoong co-written track? What absolutely needed to be on this list? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, or we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

And if you want more ATEEZ? Here ya go sunshine!


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