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All The Tissue Boxes Joji Owes Us After SMITHEREENS

All The Tissue Boxes Joji Owes Us After SMITHEREENS

It was raining and we had just finished watching Loki with a long-distance friend when they started streaming their bomb-ass taste in music and introduced us to Joji via ‘SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK.’ That was the moment we realized that we’d break into smithereens if we ever parted ways, because an artist who would always remind us of them, was about to take over our entire music library.  

Image Source: Courtesy of Warner Records

After hitting like on every song from Ballads 1 and Nectar, here we are at The Honey POP resting our heads on those tear-stained pillow covers again, as Joji croons in our headphones the melancholic lo-fi melodies from his third newly released studio album SMITHEREENS via long-time label 88Rising.

The Japanese artist and former YouTube comedian had his fans sobbing back in June when he teased the album with its lead single ‘Glimpse Of Us.’ It was certified platinum by the RIAA, and touched #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 with over 784 million global streams and still counting. But you know what’s funny? The fact that we had to take a break before listening to the song again because it’s just that sad. Or maybe we’re just that heartbroken. Sigh. Little did we know the boxes of tissues we’d need for what Joji had in store for us next.

Stream Joji’s new full-length studio album SMITHEREENS via 88Rising right here!

‘Die For You’

Apart from the lead single, the third track ‘Die For You’ is the next saddest masterpiece in this album. We can bet it’s going into everybody’s crying session playlists. Sending you brownie points if you already have ‘R.I.P.’ from Ballads 1 in those playlists and a tight, warm hug if you got this reference :,)

I heard that you’re happy without me
And I hope it’s true
It kills me a little, that’s okay
‘Cause I’d die for you

Joji, ‘Die For You’

Following the success of his SMITHEREENS Tour, Joji announced on Instagram, the three huge arenas he’ll be headlining next spring under SMITHEREENS OBLIVION: Madison Square Garden in New York (May 6), The Kia Forum in Los Angeles (May 13), and the Gunnersbury Park in London (August 17). While pre-sales begin on Wednesday, November 9, the tickets for all these shows will be available on Friday, November 11 at 10 am local.

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Image Source: Courtesy of Warner Records

You can book your tickets for SMITHEREENS OBLIVION right here.

Will you be seeing Joji in one of these arenas next spring? What’s your favorite song from SMITHEREENS? Tell us in the comments or reach out to us on our socials. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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