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Nam WooHyun’s WHITREE Is A Winter Gem

Nam WooHyun’s WHITREE Is A Winter Gem

Nam Woohyun WHITREE

We have waited a long time for this, but it is finally here, in our grasp and in our playlists. Yes, we are talking about Nam WooHyun’s first full album, WHITREE. As long-time INSPIRITs, our anticipation for this release was beyond the clouds. WooHyun proved many times that he could conquer a vast range of genres, so we were naturally curious about what kinds of gems we’d find in his album. 

WHITREE offers us a whole set of 11 musical pieces to dive into, each of them a delight to the ears. Nam WooHyun experiments with styles to bring us a gift only he can, just on time for the Christmas season. Can you feel us swooning? 

‘Baby Baby,’ It’s A Winter Love Anthem

Speaking of the season to be jolly, the title track ‘Baby Baby’ carries just the right tunes to get us into the holiday spirit, making it a perfect song to blast and enjoy during this winter. The fun track comes with an equally fun music video where we see WooHyun’s whimsical personality shine. Our hearts are warm, we are following the rhythm and dancing along while this cute love story unfolds in front of us. We feel like we are watching a short musical, which gives us light on the long winter nights and provides us with the coziness we need during the cold winter days.

And if one version of WooHyun’s ‘Baby Baby’ isn’t enough for you, worry not! We get the option to choose between a Korean and English version of this fun track or simply be like us and stream both of them.

Our Favorite Gifts Among Gifts

As we mentioned, we consider Nam WooHyun’s WHITREE to be an early Christmas present. Hearing the artist’s voice is already a blessing, but what makes this album even more special is the fact he actively participated in the production of a lot of the songs. How can we not appreciate that? We plan on treasuring this gift, as good music deserves nothing but love and appreciation.

We wanted to share some of our favorite B-sides from WHITREE with you all. Can you guess which ones we picked? Here they are, and after that, it’s your turn to share yours. Deal? Ok, let us begin.

‘Love myself’

Now, we can’t skip a song about self-love, so of course, we’re adding ‘Love myself’ as one of our picks. A message to be kind to yourself, to remind yourself that you are important, we are here for this, both hands raised. A memo from WooHyun to WooHyun himself, and also advice that we all should take. Everyone goes through hard times, moments where we question things, be it then or later. But we must remember to be kind to ourselves and give us a little more love, from us to us.


Ah, ‘California,’ what a place you are, making people dream of coming to visit you. WooHyun’s imagination is how this song came to be. Even without being there yet, he managed to capture and present a charming side of a place he wanted to one day see with his eyes. We feel energized while listening to ‘California’ and WooHyun’s stunning voice.


We knew we’d fall in love with ‘Done’ as soon as we heard the very first notes play out, or as the Korean title translates to ‘Playing With Fire.’ The sophisticated notes delivered by WooHyun’s distinctive vocals make the song climb high on our favorites from his overall discography. There’s something enchanting about this track that pulls us in and makes us press the replay button over and over.

‘My Paradise’

We will finish this list with ‘My Paradise,’ a song with such a refreshing vibe and heartwarming message. If WooHyun calls his fans his paradise in this song, then it is only natural for us to call him our paradise. This bright single has us smiling from ear to ear, being grateful for the music the singer continues to share with us. He is the real gift here.

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WooHyun definitely saved us with this whole album. We just know we’ll be alright every time we listen to it. Yes, we had to make references to more songs because that’s just how much we love this entire project, and we’re beyond happy that it came to life.

Join our comeback party, we want to spend this special moment with you. Tell us your favorite songs from Nam WooHyun’s WHITREE by dropping a comment at @thehoneypop, Facebook, or Instagram.


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