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INFINITE Give Us ‘New Emotions’ With 13egin Comeback

INFINITE Give Us ‘New Emotions’ With 13egin Comeback


Ever since we heard about the establishment of INFINITE Company, our Inspirit senses tingled, telling us a comeback was on the way. And they were right! It’s been years since we had a proper release with all the members, but it’s finally here. INFINITE gave us new music with 13egin, and our hearts flutter with joy.

It’s new, it’s different, but it’s also INFINITE. This is how we’re describing the latest mini-album, 13egin, which holds such a beautiful and meaningful name. 2023 marks the 13th year since the group’s debut, and while 13 might be considered an unlucky number, we feel more than lucky to have the guys make a comeback.

The members have been busy with individual schedules in various areas, so you can imagine how loudly we screamed and celebrated the group’s return. And we can’t keep to ourselves such good music, so we had to share the joy over it with all of you, Honeys.

Growing ‘New Emotions’ Over An INFINITE Love

Do you have someone you’ve been a fan of since the start, watching as they grow and continue to make you smile? Well, INFINITE is one of those artists for us. They don’t need to tell us to ‘Come Back Again’ because we’ve never left. We’ve been patiently waiting, and it has paid off. 13egin is everything and more than what we expected.

It took us one listen, no, a few seconds, to fall in love with the new title track ‘New Emotions.’ We may have cried a little over the fact that the song doesn’t hit 3 minutes, but we got an easy fix. Just put it on repeat, you bet we already did that.

As the group sings: “You got me to lose my mind.” We can verify that’s how we felt over INFINITE’s ‘New Emotions.’ The addictive background, the serving vocals, the sophisticated overall sound of the song: how can we not love this? And if it wasn’t enough to get that wonderful experience for our ears, we have a stunning visual to go with it.

The music video gave us so many beautiful shots that pointed out the members’ striking visuals. Adding the mesmerizing sync choreography that we get a glimpse of, as well, and its subtle sexiness, we truly can’t get enough. ‘New Emotions’ feels like a new beginning, but it also makes it seem like INFINITE never took a break.

No Side Tracks Like INFINITE’s

We talked about ‘New Emotions,’ but it’s time to mention INFINITE’s b-sides for 13egin. Have you listened? If not, why are you sleeping on them? The group has incredible sound outside of its title tracks, and they keep proving it with every new release.

We personally can’t get over ‘Time Difference.’ The members’ voices flow so beautifully over the melody, making the song one of our tops from the album.

The more we keep listening, the more it shows that INFINITE is loyal to their unique sound and fans. While there are new elements, the group doesn’t lose its distinctive color that we fell in love with. ‘I Got You’ is definitely another example of all that.

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Aside from the instrumental track, the artists end 13egin with a sentimental track, ‘Find Me,’ reminding us how sweet and emotional they can be. We are swaying as we listen to this piece, which captivates our hearts and warms them up.

In conclusion, INFINITE are back and our world is shaken in all the good ways from the spectacular new music. We hope to see lots more of them in the future, because we can never get enough of their work.

Did you also wait (im)patiently for INFINITE’s comeback? What are your thoughts on 13egin? Drop by our TwitterFacebook, or Instagram, and tell us just how addicted you are to ‘New Emotions.’ It’s ok, we are too.


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