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We Came For The ‘Small Talk’ and Kim Sung Kyu

We Came For The ‘Small Talk’ and Kim Sung Kyu

Kim Sung Kyu

This summer has been giving us quite the comebacks in K-Pop and has a lot more we look forward to. So many big names that we all love and will never get tired of. One of those that got us very excited was Kim Sung Kyu, and now that he released his mini-album 2023 S/S Collection, we are beyond thrilled. 

Possessing one of the most beautiful and stable vocals in the industry, Sung Kyu returned to remind us just why we love listening to his music. No matter what he ends up releasing, we are always swept away by his voice, falling in love over and over. He can do it all: sweet, heartbreaking, playful, you name it! And with 2023 S/S Collection, we got to experience different moods through this infinitely talented artist.

‘Small Talk’

We love Sung Kyu’s title tracks, and ‘Small Talk’ is no exception. This song is so fun to listen to that we simply can’t get enough of it. Not to mention we have the lines “I just came for the small talk and conversations” stuck in our heads. We’ve been randomly singing this without realizing it.

Oh, did we mention the music video matches the playful tone of ‘Small Talk?’ Sung Kyu looks like he’s having a blast in the clip, and that makes us enjoy it even more. This is a short comedy, fit in a little over 4 minutes, with no dull moment in any of them.

‘It Will Be’

The positive message we get from ‘It Will Be” makes our day. That, and, of course, Sung Kyu’s incredible high notes. Honestly, those are one of our favorites when it comes to listening to his music. We know what we signed up for when we became fans of INFINITE’s leader, yet we will never get tired of any of it.


‘Jump’ has us in our feels with its pop ballad tunes. It somehow screams Kim Sung Kyu for us. Can you also hear it, or are we a bit too deep in this (delusional)? Whatever it is, we are in love with this song and will be listening to it on every occasion we get.

‘Go Again’

‘Go Again’ is another very fun song from 2023 S/S Collection to listen to. We are like those bobbleheads the moment Sung Kyu starts singing. We are enjoying the vibe so much that we may have put this more than once in our playlist.


Another rhythmical track that we adore so much. Sung Kyu is on a roll, we say as we are at the end of the album. We see ourselves jumping and dancing to ‘Sometimes’ already, and it’s totally not because we have done it already.

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How to make a non-skip album? Ask Kim Sung Kyu, he has done it yet again, and we couldn’t pick just one favorite song. We even enjoyed the instrumentals that we got in the form of ‘Intro: Time Lapse’ and ‘Small Talk.’ Everything was just THAT good.

So, Honeys, how did you like Sung Kyu’s 2023 S/S Collection? Was it to your expectations, or were they exceeded like ours? Tell us by dropping by our TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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