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The 6 ATEEZ Dance Practices You Need To See

The 6 ATEEZ Dance Practices You Need To See

Look, to put it simply: ATEEZ aren’t called the Performance Kings for no reason. ATEEZ are the pinnacle of 4th Gen K-Pop choreography and blows ATINY’s minds with every live performance and dance practice. We always want to celebrate formidable talent, and what are ATEEZ’s dance abilities if not that?

So that’s exactly what we’re gonna do! It’s time to celebrate Performance Kings ATEEZ by taking a look at some of the dance practice videos you simply need to see. Of course, we’d recommend watching every single one about a dozen times each, but this is a pretty good place to start.


Shout out to the Wooyoung-biases, you’re so strong for making it through this one. ‘INCEPTION’ might seem like a bit of a curveball to start this list with – it’s fluid where most of ATEEZ’s choreo is intense and hard-hitting – but that’s exactly why we love it so much! ATEEZ can do it all.

‘Pirate King’

Imagine debuting with a track and choreography this iconic! Only ATEEZ can relate. We love watching this practice over and over, not only because it’s incredible in its own right but because it’s so fun to watch alongside their new choreo videos. You can really see how much ATEEZ have grown as dancers and performers since they debuted, and they were already so good to start with.

‘Guerrilla Moving Ver.’

Speaking of newer dances, we couldn’t exactly write this list and not include ‘Guerrilla,’ right? It’s one of 4th gen K-Pop’s most intense choreographies, and it deserves a place on every watch list. This routine is a lot harder than your average TikTok challenge, and the memes about idols being scared to give it a try were next-level funny.

‘Say My Name’

What would this list be without ‘Say My Name?’ Completely invalid. It’s amazing to think that they had a song and choreo this iconic just four months into their career! Four months! We’d argue that this song sums up ATEEZ as artists and performers better than any other, and we’ll never stop losing our minds over the footwork at 3:14.

‘Deja Vu’

We’ve already celebrated ATEEZ’s Halloween version of this dance practice, now it’s time for the original! ‘Deja Vu’ is the track that made every ATINY Yunho-biased and elevated ATEEZ’s career to the next level. Released at the same time as ‘Eternal Sunshine,’ the two songs perfectly showcase ATEEZ’s versatility!

‘Fireworks (I’m The One)’

Shout out to all the San-biased ATINY who pass out every time ATEEZ performs this dance routine. This is one of their most iconic tracks with some of their slickest choreography, and we will never get over it TBH.

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What’s your fave ATEEZ dance practice? Any we left off this list that absolutely should’ve been on there? Let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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