ATEEZ X Pentatonix Just Dropped – Here Are 7 Of Our Dream ATEEZ Collabs

ATEEZ X Pentatonix Just Dropped – Here Are 7 Of Our Dream ATEEZ Collabs

ATINY! Were we the only ones absolutely surprised by this unexpected collab? ATEEZ’s San, Yunho, and Jongho got to feature on Pentatonix’s song ‘A Little Space,’ and what a collab it was! All three of our boys are known for being amazing vocalists, with Jongho leading the pack. Pentatonix are a vocal and Acapella force to be reckoned with, so a collab between those two forces was very much needed. We can’t help but hit replay on the song every time it finishes. Please send help!

Stream ‘A Little Space’ here.

Wow, even the music video for this power collab is super fun, and not only do Pentatonix look better than ever, but also our three boys look great! With how amazing this collab is and the impact it is already having on the music scene we can’t help but fantasize about other ATEEZ collabs. Buckle up and let’s imagine how great these seven ATEEZ dream collabs would be!


Hear us out, ATEEZ X YUNGBLUD would probably break the internet. But just imagine how amazing it would be to see the boys, especially Hongjoong, singing a punk rock anthem alongside the British singer. Hongjoong has shown us before how amazing he suits this genre with his cover of the Linkin Park classic ‘Numb.’ We can’t deny that this might be too much for society to handle but we quite frankly need it as much as air to breathe.


Wow, not sure the rap industry would recover from these two rap lines joining forces but we think it would make for an amazing collab. We already got a bit of a look at what their voices together would sound like, in the ‘Summer Taste’ collab for Pepsi but we need more! However, not only would the rappers give us a banger of a song, but just imagine the vocalists coming together! Jongho and Kihyun? Well, now we can’t think about anything else!

ATEEZ Wooyoung X BTS Jimin

Let’s give Wooyoung his Y/N moment and have these two overly talented dancers collab! Wooyoung was already chosen as Studio Choom‘s Artist Of The Month proving his dancing skills. Boy was that a video, it might be haunting ATINY and us a tiny bit, no complaints though. But just imagine how powerful Wooyoung and Jimin would be! Can end of the year shows please give that to us?


Now, this collab would absolutely be it! We are avid fans of both Ava Max and ATEEZ, both have mastered the art of making bops and feel-good music. A collab of this caliber could have a major impact on both the Korean and international music market, so we need it. Also, with NCT 127 already collabing with this queen, we know she is open to K-Pop groups featuring on her songs, so what is keeping this collab from happening?


Another collab that’s not only a want but a need at this point. Both TXT and ATEEZ have established themselves as 4th gen K-Pop It-boys, so a collaborative stage or song is absolutely necessary. We can formally see Yeonjun and Wooyoung killing us all with their looks and moves. Also, both groups’ members already love each other to bits so why not take the friendship to the stage? K-Pop Gods, please hear us!


We here at THP can not stop expressing our love for LIZZO and we just think everyone should have the chance to collaborate with our queen! She already collaborated with Ab6ix on her hit ‘Truth Hurts’ so why not add ATEEZ to her fantastic discography? We just know the song that would come out of that would end us all.


Both groups already share the same set of producers and songwriters so why not go the obvious route and collaborate? DC and ATEEZ are both known for breaking the standards of K-Pop with their music. Honestly, the emo music they’d end up making would be on top of every playlist. We are not just asking for this to happen, but begging at this point!

We will stop for now after these seven dream collabs, even though there are plenty more dream collabs we would love to share with you. Who would you love to see collaborate with ATEEZ? What did you think about ‘A Little Space?’ Let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: KQ Entertainment

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