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K-POP HOTSPOT: December 2021 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

K-POP HOTSPOT: December 2021 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

It was the season, everyone! The Christmas season is behind us and a new year is here. Happy New Year everyone! Yes, it is time again for your favorite feature to get all things K-Pop comebacks and debuts! That means it is time for THP’s very own K-Pop roundup! December was a good one, so make sure to check out the comebacks we already covered, such as Everglow, WINNER’s Mino, Lucy, SEVENTEEN, Wonho, MONSTA X, ONF, Wheein X Ailee, SHINee’s Minho, and GOT7’s BamBam.

Now, let’s get into many more amazing comebacks and debuts that happened during December.


Wow, what a debut song! IVE are really raising the bar for new K-Pop girl groups with their first single ‘Eleven.’ Every member’s vocals are so satisfying to listen to, and we have no doubt these girls will keep making waves from here. IVE’s debut is an ‘Eleven’ out of ten from us!


We just want to know what K-Pop rookie groups are being fed because they continue to blow us away with these new releases and their performances. T1419’s new single ‘Red Light Green Light’ has a bangin’ instrumental and choreography, and we’re adding them to our stan list right now.


‘Way’ is about a person who may not be physically with you anymore, but you will continue to hold them in your heart until you see them again. It’s an absolutely magical duet between Onew and Punch. Their voices just meld together so well, and they match the equally beautiful lyrics of the song. We will never stop praising this song.


This is the third year in a row that The Boyz have given us a Christmas song, and they never miss. Their digital single, ‘Candles,’ was officially released on their anniversary on December 6th (after performing it at their first offline concert in nearly two years). Contrary to their previous – more upbeat – Christmas releases, ‘Candles’ is a simple, calm, and beautiful carol and it is the perfect song to celebrate the holidays with.


New k-band alert! With the release of their first digital single, ‘Happy Death Day,’ Xdinary Heroes are already so different from everything in K-Pop. With their punk-inspired music and their dark lyrics, Xdinary Heroes are something truly special and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us, because one thing is for sure: we can already sense how amazing their future music will be.


Ravi’s dope new song ‘Ani’ is feeding our pop-rock heart! We need to take a moment to appreciate the animated parts of the music video. And Soyeon killed her verse, but are we really surprised? We caught all of her anime references too!


It’s been a while since The Rose’s vocalist released his first solo project back in 2019, and with the release of some singles from his album: we were so excited for it. The wait was 100% worth it because Genre is simply incredible. Woosung explores a lot of different genres in this album and showcases his incredibly unique and mind-blowing voice perfectly. There’s at least one song for everyone: it’s varied, it’s unique, and it’s simply a seven-track-long masterpiece.


It’s an understatement to say that Ateez have had a huge year, and still they’re not done. ZERO : FEVER EPILOGUE is not only their third comeback of the year but also the end of the ZERO : FEVER series – and boy does it get emotional. One of the main songs in the album, ‘Turbulence,’ is an incredible, slow but hopeful song, something we’ve never seen from Ateez. The album also includes the studio version of their Kingdom performances as well as a new version of ‘The Real,’ and the Korean version of Japanese tracks, as well as two other new tracks including a beautiful ballad, ‘Be With You.’ Needless to say, Ateez knows exactly how to end an era and we couldn’t be more excited to see what new series is waiting for us next year.


After two years of waiting, we finally got an FTISLAND comeback, and what a comeback it was! Lock Up is a no skip album and ‘Unthinkable’ is one of the most beautiful songs we heard the entire month! Those vocals Lee Hongki has are non to joke about. This man can drive any rock ballad and we need to hear this one live in a stadium asap!


Our queen Minzy is back with another bop! Her new single ‘Fantabulous’ does not disappoint, and she gave us everything we needed and more. And that rap verse? Fire. Her rap flow is killer, and we’re not ashamed to say we played it back multiple times. She is the entire package.


Moonbyul is gearing up for her January comeback, and we can’t wait! Her first pre-release single ‘G999’ is such a catchy song with a retro vibe that has us hooked. We always appreciate Moonbyul’s creativity and versatility with her comebacks, and we can already tell how good this next one will be. Mirani’s feature is impressive, and we’re glad to discover her through this track!

NCT 2021

Did someone order vocals with a sprinkle of HSM feels on the side? No? Well, we for sure did! NCT made another full group comeback with their title single ‘Beautiful’ and their third full studio album Universe this month and we are anything but disappointed! The lead single gave us exactly the perfect amount of vocals and NCT sound! NCT have amazing yet underrated vocalists and ‘Beautiful’ gave them the time to shine! The album is packed with bangers left and right! NCT U is the biggest asset NCT has and it shows!


These girlies did not hesitate to make a comeback and introduce us to their last member! ‘snowy night’ keeps up with Billlie‘s mysterious yet catchy debut but combines it with the perfect amount of Christmas cheer. This is the slow Christmas bop we have been waiting for.


Yes, yes, yes! This is what we needed as an unexpected and perfect Christmas gift! Youngjae‘s vocals are some of our favorites and while we desperately need a GOT7 comeback, this man offers us this stunning Christmas ballad! ‘Walk With Me’ is everything to us!


TWICE‘s 9th Japanese single ‘Doughnut’ delivers lovesick ballad energy with festive Christmas coziness. The music video is equal parts sweet and mysterious, featuring a doughnut crime scene, sugar snow angels, and snowy dance scenes. TWICE brought the vocals on this song, making for a beautiful, touching ballad about missing a loved one with clever metaphors like “my heart has a hole in the shape of you / just like a doughnut.”


LABOUM have been gracing us with their presence more and more and we can’t deny how happy we are about it! Now they teamed up with Layone to bring us a reimagined version of ‘White Love’ and it made our Christmas just so much more cheery.


It’s the Christmas song we have all been waiting for. Purple Kiss is a rookie group full of amazing vocalists and ‘My My’ combines their smooth and clear vocals with the right amount of holiday cheer. We loved this one and it went straight onto the holiday playlist!


We can’t believe this is true but ONEWE and ONEUS finally reunited to give us a new song. The winter ballad ‘Stay’ brings together the fantastic vocalists of both groups and make Christmas magic. We had been craving for a new collab between the brother groups and December 21st gave it to us!


Another IZ*ONE member embarks on another solo adventure. Hyewon decided to grace this winter season with a special wintery-themed album. Packed with the perfect amount of winter ballads showing off her vocals perfectly W is the perfect album for cozy nights in by a fire with some hot cocoa. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Hyewon!


Who else to bring us a California Christmas than the one and only Hyolyn? Her vocals plus this Christmas pop song are the perfect match. The music video made us miss summer in December and makes us even more excited for other Hyolyn releases in the future.

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The queen’s of summer are back in December through Universe – an app that keeps on giving. Oh My Girl just releases ‘Shark’ which is a super fun melodic song with a catchy chorus making you want to join right in because “Life is a party.”


Did someone ask for the most under-appreciated vocalist of the year? Kim Jaehwan just made his return with his fourth mini-album The Letter and title single ‘Unforgettable’ and the amount of talent in this entire album is insane. Jaehwan proved yet again he has got the vocals and high notes to be an outstanding vocalist and we are obsessed!


We can’t actually believe that this is true! We thought it would be years until we heard another The Rose song! But The Rose had other plants! As a mid enlist gift The Rose dropped ‘Beauty and the Beast’ out of nowhere and it is just as beautiful as ever. Each of their songs is stadium-worthy!


Only IU could drop an album out of nowhere without promo and still kill it! The singer and actress dropped her new special album Pieces towards the end of this month and each track is just so good and soothing. ‘Next Stop’ especially won our hearts!


To round off this strong year for SF9, they dropped a new single through Universe called ‘Savior.’ This might as well be our ‘Savior’ of the year with how strong it is! Not only is the song super catchy, but the vocals and the melody ‘Savior’ offers us are heavenly! SF9 never miss.


Moonbyul keeps teasing her new solo album yet again with pre-release single ‘Shutdown’ featuring the one and only Seori! We were quite excited about this team-up and it did not let us down. Their voices, the cozy music video, and the soft tones throughout the song really made our end of the year!

December was full of cheery music, food, and celebrations! Are we ready for the new year and January being packed? Of course! What was your favorite comeback of December? Which one are you most excited about in January? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: The Honey POP Graphics Team – Emily Defoor

Words by: Selina Kuhn, Juu Luquin, Julie Dam, and Taylor Alexis Heady.

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