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8 Times Onew’s Vocals Left Us Speechless

8 Times Onew’s Vocals Left Us Speechless


SHINee‘s Onew is not only the leader of the 14-year-old group but also an incredible vocalist. We, here at THP, have been crying over his vocals since basically day one. Onew is currently starring in the new romance musical Midnight Sun and is receiving massive praise for his outstanding vocal performance. The idol has fans wrapped around his fingers in the role of Haram, and we also can’t stop gushing over our favorite leader doing such an amazing job. While we are on the topic of Onew’s amazing vocals, let’s have a look at eight times his vocal skills blew Shawols away!

‘Nessun Dorma’

Onew surprised fans during SHINee’s first concert SHINee World with his reindentation of ‘Nessun Dorma’ and left Shawols speechless. Onew has amazing vocals but him going opera was something unexpected and absolutely amazing! Make sure you check out this performance.


The famous long high note that only SHINee‘s Onew could pull off! ‘Friend’ was the song for Onew’s solo stage during SHINee’s Japan Arena Tour 2012 and it is a stunner. No one could have done this song the way Onew did it. Let’s all rise for the national anthem!

‘Rainy Blue’

Another Tokyo Dome performance that had fans in awe was Onew’s performance of ‘Rainy Blue’ in 2016 with Taemin accompanying him on the piano. This performance is truly stunning and we can’t stop thinking about it. What an honor to be alive at the same time as Lee Jinki!


If you have never watched SHINee‘s performance of ‘Evil’, what exactly are you doing? This is one of SHINee’s sexiest performances, especially since blindfolds are involved! Onew doesn’t let that distract him though, his vocals during this performance have never been clearer. His parts will give you goosebumps for sure.


Of course, we had to include one of SHINee’s newest songs. The beautiful ‘Area’ off of the group’s latest album Atlantis is stunning. It feels like Onew is singing 50% of this amazing song and all of it sounds heavenly. Combined with Minho‘s lyrics for the song, ‘Area’ feels like an out-of-body experience.

‘You are my everything’

You’d think Onew would sound a bit rusty while he was serving in the military, but no! Onew’s voice sounded clear as ever during this Military concert in 2019. ‘You are my everything’ never sounded better and we can’t deny that Onew looks really good in his military uniform.


‘Blue’ cannot be left out when it comes to times the idol left fans speechless. The album Voice and its title song dropped in December 2018, and fans haven’t been able to stop listening to this amazing album since. It feels surreal to have a studio version of a song that’s entirely just Onew’s beautiful voice. Unbelievable.

‘Cracks of my Broken Heart’

Let’s end this with a massive throwback! Debut Onew already had the skill set he still possesses today. He absolutely ate that ‘Cracks of my Broken Heart’ cover in 2008 during a radio show. Honestly, who is doing it like SHINee and Onew? We are so grateful to be able to have ears and hear his voice.

We cannot wait to get more Onew solo music, which is hopefully coming our way in September. Onew’s voice is one of the best in K-Pop and it is so recognizable.

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Which is your favorite Onew vocal moment? What’s your favorite song on his solo album Blue? And how excited are you for his upcoming solo? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

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