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5 SHINee Actor Minho Moments We Can’t Stop Thinking About

5 SHINee Actor Minho Moments We Can’t Stop Thinking About

As you may know, we here at THP are incredibly huge fans of SHINee! And we are also, like you, huge K-Drama addicts! So when two of our favorite things are combined, we can’t help but get extra excited! SHINee’s Minho has been cast in a new drama. He will be taking on the role of Chae Wook in TvN’s upcoming drama Yumi’s Cells. Actor Minho will grace fans with a special appearance in the drama and take on the part of Yumi’s junior co-worker. We can’t wait to get more actor Minho! Since Yumi’s Cells isn’t set to air until the second half of this year, we thought it was the perfect timing to look back at five actor Minho moments, we can’t stop thinking about.

Lovestruck In The City

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Minho took on the role of Oh Dongsik in the Netflix drama Lovestruck In The City, which marked his acting return after his enlistment! We loved his fun and dorky portrayal of the police officer. The role was originally just meant to be a minor supporting role, but not only the fans but also the director and general public loved Dongsik so much that an entire extra episode was dedicated to Dongsik’s story. That’s the power of actor Minho right there. Of course, every moment with Dongsik was our favorite moment in Lovestruck In The City.


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Now, if you haven’t seen Hwarang, then what exactly are you doing? You get beautiful flower boys, Choi Minho, and a heartbreaking but gripping story! Minho took on the supporting role of Kim Soo Ho and gave fans some of the funniest scenes in the entire drama. But particularly during the shower scenes, Minho really stole the show. There is no way we will ever stop thinking about this actor Minho moment!

To The Beautiful You

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Minho might have gotten criticism for his performance in To The Beautiful You, but this was his first-ever lead role, after all. We still really appreciated his effort, and as huge Flamers, we enjoyed every second of it! Kang Tae Joon just stole fans’ hearts with his passion! Rookie actor Minho made for some awesome but cringy yet unforgettable moments. These just prove Minho’s growth as an actor!


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Kim Chul Jin is one for the books! Illang was the last project which was released before Minho’s enlistment. And his supporting role left Shawols in awe. The number of bad-ass moments Minho has during this future flick was terrific! We couldn’t possibly pick a favorite moment as they all seem so unforgettable. All hail to Kim Chul Jin!


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Derailed was Minho’s debut as the main role on the big screen. What a debut it was! Jin Il was so complex of a character, and Minho did such an excellent job at portraying the character! He really made the character and his heartbreaking story come to life. Smoking Minho is something we can’t seem to forget, and we just had to mention this epic moment on this list.

Now, we aren’t saying these are all of our favorite moments, but we don’t want this list to go on forever, right? Yumi’s Cells will bring fans more amazing actor Minho moments. However, we can’t wait for more dramas and hopefully a lead role by our favorite passionate SHINee member soon! So, what is your favorite actor Minho moment? What your favorite drama he has starred in? How excited are you for Yumi’s Cells? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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