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SHINee Is Back 2021 – Here Are 7 Things SHINee Still Have In Store For Fans This Year

SHINee Is Back 2021 – Here Are 7 Things SHINee Still Have In Store For Fans This Year

SHINee is back, back back. We know we at THP have been screaming that at the top of our lungs for the entire year so far. No regrets! Shawols waited long enough for all this content. And while SHINee’s Korean promotions as a whole team are probably on the backburner until 2023 after ‘Atlantis’ promotions finished, there is still a lot to come. Maknae Taemin is enlisting at the end of May and has to serve in the military for a year and a half, but before that, there is still loads to come Shawols’ way! Since there is so much SHINee content on its way it can be a bit hard to keep track of it all, so we decided to help out fans by putting everything in this list!

May 18th: Taemin Solo comeback With Advice

Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

First off is Taemin‘s solo comeback! Lucky Shawols had the chance to listen to ‘Advice’ for the first time during Taemin’s Beyond Live – N.G.D.A online concert at the beginning of the month. What they heard was not disappointing, Taemin really has found his signature sound, even when experiencing with genres, the music still ends up sounding like Taemin. Advice will be released on May 18th and it will include five songs in total! The aspect of new Taemin music is exciting enough already, and to think that this will be his last release for the next few years, makes this album extra special!

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May 23rd: SHINee Japanese Fan Meeting Bistro de SHINee

Image Source: shinetter on Twitter

Japanese Shawols haven’t met SHINee since 2018, so of course, now that their Korean promos are over, it is time for them to hold a fan meeting for their J-Shawols! But, of course, everyone is invited. The fan meeting Bistro de SHINee will be streamed on May 23rd on Vlive and Line so get your tickets now. We are expecting a lot of laughter, games, and top-notch performances!

May 25th: 13th Anniversary Live SHINee DAY

Image Source: tumblr

May is SHINee month and naturally, a fan meeting for SHINee’s debut anniversary can’t be missing! This year feels extra special as the boys will be together for the first time since 2018 to celebrate the day with Shawols. The fan meeting will give Shawols loads of corners such as games and Q&As. Shawols were also asked to vote for the b-side they want to see performed and send in video messages. May 25th will be extremely fun this year, so make sure to watch on the fanmeeting on SHINee’s Vlive channel at 8 pm KST.

July: Key Solo Comeback

The comeback we have all been waiting for! Key has been teasing his solo comeback for a while now and through recent lives, he confirmed his new album is set to drop sometime during July! He is already working hard on it. We are starving for more quality Key music since his last comeback was in March 2019 with ‘I Wanna Be.’ Key is an incredible performer and artist, so we can’t wait to see what is next in his musical journey. It will slap that’s for sure.

July 28th: SHINee Japanese Comeback

SHINee is set to drop a new Japanese album on July 28th. Fans have been patiently waiting for the first new Japanese music since 2018’s ‘Sunny Side’. We know not a lot so far, but at least we know that album will have not only have one but seven versions! Now, your wallets might be crying (ours sure are), but the album will be totally worth it! Hopefully, there will be more information soon, such as the title of the album! One thing that will make this album special is that it will still include Taemin, who will be serving in the army then. Prepare your tissues Shawols.

September: Onew Solo Comeback

Onew dropped his first solo album Blue in December of 2018 right before he enlisted. That means Shawols have never seen him actively promote his solo music. Fans haven’t even seen most of his songs performed live. Onew’s solo comeback is long overdue and we finally have a time frame for it! Because Onew is still busy with the musical Midnight Sun until July, his solo album is set to come out sometime during September. September can’t come fast enough, we just need new Onew music and those vocals!

Second Half Of 2021: Minho’s Drama Yumi’s Cells

Image Source: tumblr

Last but not least, is our flaming charisma Minho! Minho has been cast in the upcoming K-Drama Yumi’s Cells which is set to air during the second half of 2021. But we are sure this won’t be the only drama Minho will star in this year! We are expecting the idol to be booked and busy, and hopefully, that also entails some more solo music. Because ‘I’m Home’ is just not enough!

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SHINee will not let fans starve for content this year, that’s for sure! We are absolutely excited for what’s to come this year and are looking forward to every second of it! What activity are you looking most forward to? Is there anything you wish SHINee would do this year? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

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