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Quiz: Which Taemin Are You?

Quiz: Which Taemin Are You?


This second half of the year has been so full of Taemin we are living for it. Truly could there ever be too much Taemin in our lives? We do not think so! However, Taemin has been incredibly busy this year with his solo work, SuperM and a potential SHINee comeback towards the end of the year. We bow our heads regarding his incredible work ethic and felt the need to put some more spotlight on this talented man with some Taemin 101 for you. Don’t forget to find out which Taemin you are in the quiz down below.


Taemin is part of a 5-member group called SHINee, which debuted May 25th, 2008 with the mega-hit ‘Replay’. The group’s members are Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin, who is the youngest of the five. SHINee has been active now for almost 13 years and they are still serving us bops. The group has sadly been on hiatus since 2018 due to three out of the five members carrying out their mandatory military service, but they are expected to make their grand return soon. Members Key and Onew have already been discharged as of date. And the last member, Minho, is expected to be discharged in November. We can’t wait! During their 13 years of being active, the group has tackled various concepts and we are sure there is one to be included that you will love.

Songs to check out: ‘Tell Me What To Do’, ‘Love Like Oxygen’, ‘1 of 1’, ‘Lucifer’, ‘Feel Good’, ‘Prism’.

Solo Artist Taemin

Taemin was the first member of SHINee to start his solo career and debuted as a solo artist on August 18th, 2014 with his first EP called Ace and lead single ‘Danger’. Since the start of his career, he has dropped a lot of music, which has made a great impact on the rest of the KPOP industry. His song ‘Move’ is one of the most covered songs among idols. The song has led most of them to idolize him and is the reason they became idols in the first place. Taemin has a vast discography and he has just made a comeback with his third studio album Never Gonna Dance Again and lead-single ‘Criminal’. The album consists of two parts and the second part is supposed to come out in November. We are dying to get ‘Heaven’ studio version on it.

Songs to check out: ‘Love’ ‘Rise’ ‘Solider’ ‘Pretty Boy’ ‘Flame of Love’ ‘Black Rose’ ‘Press Your Number’, ‘Holy Water’.


Taemin re-debuted as part of SM Entertainment’s supergroup SuperM in late 2019 with the song ‘Jopping‘ and the EP SuperM, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard 200 Albums Chart. Making them the first KPOP group to do so. SuperM consists of members from different SM Entertainment groups such as EXO, NCT, WayV, and SHINee. The group just released their first full-length album called Super One with the title song ‘One (Monster & Infinity)’, which is a mixture of two different songs (that can also be found on the album). The group’s concept is unique to the KPOP scene and seems rather promising so far. We are huge SuperM Supporters (really hoping for another fandom name) and think you should definitely check them out.

Songs to check out: ‘Tiger Inside’, ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘No Manners’, ‘Dangerous Woman’, ‘2 Fast’, ‘Better Days’.

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What were your quiz results? Are you excited for Never Gonna Dance Again Part 2? Which is your favorite Taemin? Are you a new fan? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Taemin via Criminal Music Video

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