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Here Are 13 Songs That Were Inspired By Disney!

Here Are 13 Songs That Were Inspired By Disney!

Disney has had such a huge impact on so many people’s lives. The majority of us grew up watching the movies, maybe even going to the theme parks and possibly started stanning our faves from seeing them on Disney Channel. Disney is so impactful that people even use the classics as inspiration for their music. We’re sharing with you 13 songs inspired by the franchise to put you in a magical mood!

Songs inspired by Disney
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‘Mad at Disney’ – Salem Ilese

Of course, the first song we’re sharing is Salem Ilese’s ‘Mad At Disney,’ which became a viral hit this year thanks to TikTok. It seems that Salem is the latest victim who grew up with all these incredible expectations of life but was met with the bitter disappointment of reality. We feel ya, hun.

‘Somewhere in Neverland’ – All Time Low

Does anyone else just wish they could have some pixie dust sprinkled over them and fly away to Neverland? What a mood, and it seems like All Time Low feels it, too. The guys turned Peter into a pop-punk concept with ‘Somewhere in Neverland’ and made him and Wendy cool once again.

‘Wonderland’ – Taylor Swift

In this enchanted song, Taylor compares her relationship to the twists and turns of Wonderland: the magical underground world in Alice in Wonderland. But unlike a fairytale, there’s not so much of a happy ending in this story that Tay tells us, as the couple in question is met with the reality of a struggling relationship. Pass the tissues, please.

‘Lost Boy’ – 5 Seconds of Summer

This old but gold tune from 5SOS is another Peter Pan-inspired banger that we admit we’re still obsessed with today. This time, there’s more focus on those adorably cheeky Lost Boys that Peter is the leader of, saying that without that one person in their life, they’re just as lost as a lost boy, which is a pretty cute reference, tbh.

‘Pinocchio’ – Taemin & BewhY

Taemin and BewhY joined forces on a song inspired by possibly the cutest little liar in all of Disney. It’s no surprise what this song is about. They’re singing about lying, which has become so normal to them that they compare themselves to Pinocchio.

‘Snow White’ – Christina Grimmie

In this song, Christina Grimmie channels OG Disney princess Snow White and sings about the feelings that she may have been feeling while in her deep sleep as she waits for her prince to come for her, and honestly, we’d love to see Snow spit bars like Christina!

‘Cinderella’ – Mac Miller ft Ty Dolla $ign

Now, Mac may have written this song with reference to Cinderella, but let it be known that this song isn’t necessarily family-friendly! He wrote this song about his explicit plans for a night with his lover and pines for her to come on time (much like the Disney princess having a curfew at midnight), only we don’t think Mac’s boo was gonna end up with her riches turning back into rags if she was late…

‘Wonderland’ – ATEEZ

ATEEZ‘s song ‘Wonderland’ actually has multiple Disney references. First, the song title is influenced by Alice in Wonderland; there’s also a lyric about Peter Pan and Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean as the boys sing about their journey towards their treasure as part of the Treasure series. Not gonna lie; we can lowkey see Captain Jack vibing to this.

‘Alice in Wonderland’ – Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly is one of the many rappers who has referenced Disney in songs (because Disney and rap is the unlikely combo we are absolutely living for), but while ‘Alice in Wonderland’ sounds like a cute little title for a song, it’s definitely not family-friendly, as it’s actually about getting high. Who says Disney is just for kids, right? Just maybe don’t put this on your little sibling’s birthday party playlist, and you should be fine.

‘Peter Pan’ – EXO

Okay, first of all – how much does this song sound like it belongs in a Disneyland parade?! We can honestly imagine Peter and Wendy themselves dancing on their float to this song; it’s that magical. EXO sing about searching for their Tinkerbell and how they can be her Peter Pan, saying she is more superior than Wendy or even Cinderella; it’s so adorable. There’s a new Peter Pan movie in the works, and we beg you, Disney, please consider featuring this song!

‘Cinderella’ – The Cheetah Girls

Even though they were a Disney band themselves, The Cheetah Girls sang a song about Cinderella and how they actually don’t want to be like her, waiting for some man to sweep them off their feet. We find it amusing but also empowering that Disney is going against Disney characters with this track. It’s the 21st century, and we’re so over waiting for love and making it our main goal in life. These Cheetah sisters have nailed it!

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‘Pinocchio (Danger)’ – f(x)

f(‪x) dropped this song back in 2011 off their first studio album, also called Pinocchio, in which the girls sing about being in danger for falling for someone who knows them too well. They refer to themselves as Pinocchio, as their lies are transparent, making it easy to see straight through them. If you’re a sucker for finding Hidden Mickeys, then check out the music video because there is plenty to keep an eye out for! Even a decade after its release, this song still seriously slaps and is proof that 2nd Gen K-Pop is still truly iconic.

‘Lightsaber’ – EXO

A second song by EXO on this playlist suggests that they’re quite fond of Disney, doesn’t it? This 2015 release was actually a collab with Star Wars: The Force Awakens and sings about being someone’s light saver and lightsaber, bringing them out of their darkness. We don’t know about you, and maybe it’s the Disnerd inside us, but the thought of these boys as Jedis has us simping over them even more!

Which song is your favorite? Do you know of any other songs inspired by Disney? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Artwork Courtesy of Mickey’s PhilharMagic Attraction via Disneyland Website

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