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The Honey POP’s K-Pop Valentine’s Playlist

The Honey POP’s K-Pop Valentine’s Playlist

kpop valentine's playlist

Hello, we are back yet again with another K-pop holiday-related playlist for all of you lovely people. This time we bring you a K-Pop Valentine’s Playlist! We know some of you aren’t keen on Valentine’s day, but hear us out! Your fave K-pop idols singing love-type songs, that you can listen to any time? What could be better than that?

Whether you are getting over old feelings, celebrating your self-love, or love for someone else, sit back, relax and check out THP’s Valentine’s playlist.


Off of SEVENTEEN’s latest album Semicolon, ‘AH! Love’ is brought to us by the hyungs, S.Coups, Jeonghan, and Joshua. With lyrics like “Firework launched in the middle of the sea / A bursting heart is like my heart One day, anywhere” and “I planted a small seed in my dry heart / If you make it grow and be careless like this / What do I do,’ it makes for a great song on exploring new love.

Other tracks to check out: ‘Adore You,‘Falling For U’ and ‘Fallin’ Flower’

NCT U ‘All About You’

NCT U brought us this love track off of album RESONANCE PT.2 and well you can just listen to the lyrics “You smile and a new flower blooms / The more I see you running / the faster my heart beats” and understand why it’s here. Were you ever crushing so hard, they were even in your dreams? This one is for you.

Other tracks to check out: ’90’s Love,’ ‘Baby Only You‘ and ‘My Everything’

TXT‘Blue Hour’

The leading track off of their Minisode 1: Blue Hour mini-album, ‘Blue Hour’ has a deeper meaning than what you presume from a first listen; though, the lyrics such as “You are my special / My only one special / The door of dreams opens / The “you” from my memories becomes reality” are adorable. The lyrics referring to wanting to stay at the time of the sunset and enjoy being there with someone, really makes it that much sweeter. A great song to listen to while watching the sunset.

Other tracks to check out: ‘Cat & Dog,’ ‘Nap of a star’ and ‘Our Summer’

EVERGLOW‘Bon Bon Chocolat’

The track that introduced EVERGLOW to the world, ‘Bon Bon Chocolat’ holds a special place in Forever’s hearts. Though this EVERGLOW track is speaking about their debut, they still show an immense amount of self-love in the lyrics along with the lines “The dreams will get hotter / Let’s be together / Remember always, forever.” EVERGLOW has your back for all your self-love needs.

Other tracks to check out: ‘Let Me Dance,’ ‘Salute’ and ‘Moon’

DREAMCATCHER‘Can’t get you out of my mind’

We are aware that DREAMCATCHER doesn’t have many cutesy love tracks, ‘Can’t get you out of my mind’ is as lovey-dovey as it gets, and it’s a bop. The lyrics “How many seasons did we stay together / So many reasons that we could’ve started / Still I don’t know what to do alone with all this time,” wow, also the retro beat, *chefs kiss*. Great for a Valentine’s dance party.

Other tracks to check out: ‘You and I,‘Wind blows’ and ‘4 Memory’

TWICE‘Feel Special’

‘Feel Special’ off of TWICE’s eighth mini-album, Feel Special, is honestly such a lovely and catchy track and it tells about the most precious and caring moments of a relationship. “One moment I feel like I’m nothing at all / Like no one would notice if I were gone / But then when I hear you calling me / I feel loved, I feel so special,” these lyrics start sad, and then by the last word, we were like “awe.”

Other tracks to check out: ‘Heart Shaker,’ ‘Signal’ and ‘What is Love’

Stray Kids‘Hello Stranger’

For the OST of web-drama Pop Out Boy, ‘Hello Stranger’ not only depicts the webtoon perfectly but also perfectly tells about a new crush with the lyrics, “I try yelling out to you the things I had just yelled into empty space / The things I didn’t have, that I was missing before I met you / all of these feelings, every moment / my mind is filled with exclamation points.” Time for you to crush hard.

Other tracks to check out: ‘Ex,‘My Side’ and ‘Sunshine’

The Rose‘I.L.Y’

‘I.L.Y’ is such a soft song and with soothing vocals and cute lyrics that The Rose brings, such as “When I’m with you / I pointlessly feel at ease / I feel cold on the inside / But your warmth warms me up / “Baby I’m falling for you.” It makes for a nice Valentine’s song, either for a quiet moment, or to end the day.

Other tracks to check out: ‘With You,’ ‘Like We Used To’ and ‘Candy (So Good)’

DAY6‘I Like You’

‘I like you’ is perfect for that love confession you might want to make or maybe you just want to sing along. Either way, don’t forget to scream along to DAY6’s emotionally filled lyrics, “I tried holding it back / But I can’t anymore / Now I can tell you / I want to love / You.” Trust us, it’s the perfect Valentine lyrics.

Other tracks to check out: ‘Deep in love,’ ‘When you love someone’ and ‘You Were Beautiful’

EXID – ‘I Love You’

Sometimes things don’t work out like you thought they would, so ‘I Love You’ by EXID is for you, aka the ones going through a rough break up or are post break up. “….you’re a piece of artwork David / You opened my eyes / (I love you like) / You’re my last love and you riped off my heart, you stole it / It’s in danger.” We’re sure you’ve screamed along to those lyrics.

Other tracks to check out: ‘Bad Girl for You,‘Only One’ and ‘WE ARE’


Love is hard to come by, so when you find that special love (whatever it may be) you won’t want to let go so easily, perfectly understandable. ‘I WON’T LET YOU GO’ perfectly describes it with lyrics, “The painful feeling that keeps going as time piles up / I wanna make this day eternal, never want no ending,” and “Before this feeling overflows / I need you in my life / Like the beating of my heart, I really need you.”

Other tracks to check out: ‘Love You Better,’ ‘Not by The Moon’ and ‘Save You’


We’re sorry it’s another sad song, but hear us and Taemin out, it’s Taemin, so it’s going to be a perfect, sad song. You can’t tell us the lyrics “I shout until I run out of breath / But there’s no answer / I want to erase you from my heart / You, who cruelly left me / But when tomorrow comes, as if / yesterday was erased, I’ll miss you again” aren’t relatable.

Other tracks to check out: ‘Crazy 4 U,’ ‘Just Me and You’ and ‘Think Of You’

Baekhyun‘Love Again’

From BAEKHYUN’s Delight – The 2nd Mini Album, ‘Love Again’ helps us plead for that one last “Love you.” With the lyrics, “I can’t understand with my heart / Why you said you loved me / But now you’re trying to run away / So that the race of our love can never end babe / If you turn away now.” “We were so much alike / But your lips that had spoken of love / Don’t say a word like they’re locked shut.” Come on, that last line, really?

Other tracks to check out: ‘Candy,’ ‘Get You Alone’ and ‘My Love’

IKON – ‘Love Scenario’

Just being with your person is enough sometimes, just having the honor to love that person, can make even the worst days ‘worth it.’ That’s IKON in ‘Love Scenario’ for you, so if you relate to these upcoming lyrics, this one is for you. “Today was our yesterday and now there’s no tomorrow / It hurts but if we dragged it out more, it would’ve become a scar / I loved you and I was loved / So that’s good enough for me”

Other tracks to check out: ‘BEAUTIFUL,’ ‘I LOVE YOU’ and ‘ONLY YOU

EXO‘Love Shot’

Honestly, EXO used a clever comparison in ‘Love Shot.’ Especially with the lyrics “Even if I cover my eyes and ears / And force myself to wander, in the end the answer is love / My empty stomach is filled with ego / An empty glass of compassion we left behind / Now I fill it again.” Whether it’s metaphorically or literally, take our love shot this Valentine’s.

Other tracks to check out: ‘CALL ME BABY,‘LOVE ME RIGHT’ and ‘XOXO’

BLACKPINK‘Lovesick Girls’

Off of BLACKPINK’s first full-length album, The Album, ‘Lovesick Girls’ is a perfect song to dance your sadness away with. “Get hurt and break down, I / Don’t know what’s making me hold on / If I leave anyway, I’ll hate you in my pained state / We can’t end it before it’s over / It’s as if we’ve been waiting for this agony.” Yes, it has sad lyrics, but it’s a boppy song, so.

Other tracks to check out: ‘As If It’s Your Last,’ ‘Crazy Over You’ and ‘Ice Cream’

NCT 127‘Love Song’

The rain is usually a bad sign in love tracks, but with NCT 127’s ‘Love Song,’ they are hoping the rain comes so they can share a space with the one they love. The lyrics “Rain don’t stop, fall again / The two of us, under this umbrella that only fits one / person / My day is so bright / You are my light that never lose,” proves that rain doesn’t always equal bad times. If you happen to find yourself on a rainy day this February, this is for you. 

Other tracks to check out: ‘Fly Away With Me,’ ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Not Alone’

Cherry Bullet – ‘Love So Sweet’

‘Love So Sweet’ comes from Cherry Bullet’s most recent hit mini-album, Cherry Rush, and this track and lyrics such as, “One-sided love / Makes me feel bittersweet/ Without noticing / I’m addicted to you / Tell me what you want, I’ll give it to you little by little / Giving love, love so sweet,” is for sure to make your Valentine’s incredibly sweet.

Other tracks to check out: ‘Follow Me,‘Q&A’ and ‘Really Really’

WAYV‘Love Talk’

In ‘Love Talk,’ WayV proudly says talk is cheap and it’s all about action, but then keep talking about their love; wild what love can do to you. But same WayV, same. “One at a time, baby you’re mine / Promise that you’ll never give it away / I need a sign / Calling me up, calling me yours / Calling my line.”

Other tracks to check out: ‘Electric Hearts,’ ‘Let me love u’ and ‘Unbreakable’


We’ve all had those ‘Middle Of The Night’ thoughts, thinking back to those we once spent most of our nights with. Monsta X perfectly describes that endless cycle of missing someone, meeting again, and then eventually leaving again. With lyrics like “I never thought it’d get like this / Still think about the very first kiss / But I could never lie to you / I’m going out my mind for you,” describes falling harder than you expected. 

Other tracks to check out: ‘LOVE U,’ ‘Nobody Else’ and ‘SOMEONE’S SOMEONE’

See Also

Red Velvet‘My Second Date’

Overthinking is the main presence for Red Velvet’s ‘My Second Date,’ from iconic mini-album The Perfect Red Velvet – The 2nd Album Repackage. And honestly, anything can happen on a second date and you just wish for so much, so these lyrics are very relatable: “Heart is pounding, I rehearsed all last night / Just like I practiced, slowly, 1, 2, 3 / I have so many things on my wish list / I’m sure a kiss is still a dream.”

Other tracks to check out: ‘About Love,’ ‘Love Is The Way,’ and ‘Rookie’

Super Junior‘No Other’

Let’s take a look back into the past with the cute ‘No Other’ by Super Junior. With the lyrics, it kind of makes you swoon with the thought of someone saying, “There’s no one like you, even if I look around it’s just like that / Where else to look for? A person good like you, a person good like you, a / Heart good like you, a gift good like you,” to you, right?

Other tracks to check out: ‘Every day, Wait For us,‘Marry You,’ and ‘Stay with Me,’

ITZY‘Not Shy’

ITZY’s catchy track ‘Not Shy’ is perfect for those of you who are as confident as can be when it pertains to lovey-dovey feelings. Which if that’s you, please share it with the rest of the class. Also, you can probably relate to these lyrics: “I feel what I feel so I like you / It’s my free will / You feel what you feel so / Tell me everything, all of it now, ’cause I’m not shy.” Play this song for that person you are confidently falling heads over heels for.

Other tracks to check out: ‘Be In Love,‘NOBODY LIKE YOU’ and ‘YOU MAKE ME’

(G)I-DLE‘Oh my god’

Another track for those of you practicing self-love this Valentine’s or in (G)I-DLE’s case with ‘Oh my god,’ self-trust. It may not seem like it at first, but the more you look into the lyrics, it all makes sense. With the lyrics such as “Deep violet fragrance colored all over my body / And spread it out ’till the end of the entire, wide, high sky / Engraving a deep red love on my face / Whatever anyone says, fall in love,” hopefully you find that self-trust you are looking for.

Other tracks to check out: ‘For You,’ ‘Give Me Your’ and ‘Luv U’

DAY6 (Even Of Day) – ‘so this is love’

Part of the YouTube series Secret: Atelier, Day6 (Even Of Day) has created the track, ‘so this is love,’ about a one-sided relationship inspired story. They perfectly get the essence of that with the lyrics “I didn’t know you didn’t know / Thought she loved / Before you come into my heart / I believed I knew / A word without much / In one contact.” But also, these lyrics are so cute “I don’t want to miss this overwhelming feeling / The more you look at me / The more you hug me / I want to have more of your hеart.”

Other tracks to check out: ‘Landed,’ ‘Thanks To’ and ‘Where the sea sleeps’

SHINee– ‘Symptoms’

From their Everybody mini-album, SHINee slows it down with the lovesick track ‘Symptoms.’ If you are still reading this and have saved the other emotional tracks from this playlist, add this one too, because ‘Symptoms’ is that sad track to listen on Valentine’s Day. “I can’t figure out this fever, I can’t cool it down / Can you hear my heart that’s about to burst toward you? / I’ve dried up like the desert, I’m hoping for a sweet rain that is you, to fall.” See? The lyrics are filled with so much emotion and the track is so good.

Other tracks to check out: ‘I Want You,’ ‘Love Like Oxygen’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Go’

BTS‘Trivia: Love’

‘Trivia: Love’ is a solo song of RM’s from the Love Yourself: Answer album. This track’s lyrics seem like one of those notes you can find scribbled in someone’s love journal. The lyrics “Because of you / I know why human and love sound similar / You make live to a love / Live to a love / Because of you / I know why a person should live by love,” sound both deep and cute.

Other tracks to check out: ’24/7=Heaven,’ ‘Epiphany’ and ‘Serendipity’

LOONA 1/3‘Valentine Girl’

Come on, it’s called ‘Valentine Girl,’ it has cute lyrics like “….the box was too small / To place all of my heart inside / It’s not even half of half of half / But if you still felt it / If you realized my heart / Can I wait for you next month?” What’s a more perfect song for Valentine’s Day? Plus, why not spend it with LOONA.

Other track to check out: ‘Heart Attack,’ ‘love4eva’ and ‘Fairy Tale’

So there you have it, our K-Pop Valentine’s Playlist, and what is that? Do you have a Spotify account? What a coincidence, we have a playlist calling your name. Below you can find our K-Pop Valentine’s playlist to get you into those Valentine’s vibes, or we guess, just a playlist you can jam out to any day. It’s on us, listen to your heart’s content!

We apologize in advance if, while listening to this playlist, it takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, our bad. (psst love you<3)

So which track was your favorite from our K-Pop Valentine’s playlist? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! Or talk to us over on Facebook and Instagram!

Need more K-pop in your life? We got you covered!

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