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K-POP HOTSPOT: February 2022 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

K-POP HOTSPOT: February 2022 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

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We are two months into 2022 and it has been interesting for sure! As we are recovering from the month of love, K-Pop was right by our side. Yes, that means it is time again for your favorite feature to get all things K-Pop comebacks and debuts: THP’s very own K-Pop roundup! February was full of quality, so make sure to check out the comebacks we already covered, such as VIXX RAVI, APINK, NCT MARK, DAY6 WONPIL, EPIK HIGH, BTOB, MOONBIN & SANHA, JAMIE, STAYC, BTS JUNGKOOK, SNSD TAEYEON, BILLLIE, WONHO, and SURAN.

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Now, let’s get into many more amazing comebacks and debuts that happened during February.


If you’re looking for a new K-Band to support, Rolling Quartz should be at the top of your list. This girl K-Band is truly out of this world and they really have something special. This month, they released their first-ever mini-album and it is mind-blowingly good. They even paid homage to Dreamcatcher as they covered ‘GOOD NIGHT,’ and they killed it! This is a real group you shouldn’t be sleeping on.


Ha Sungwoon is obviously thriving under his new label. The idol just released another beautiful special album full of winter ballads that made this month so much better. Sungwoon’s voice is a gift from the heavens and we are glad he is using it in this way with ‘Can’t Live Without You.’


Leave it to VIVIZ to release bop after bop after bop in their debut album Beam Of Prism! The trio’s title track is even called ‘Bop Bop!’ because they know their power. Eunha, SinB, and Umji absolutely slayed this mini-album, and all of our Buddy hearts are crying tears of joy right now.


Everyone needs to stop sleeping on GSoul and his vocals! His new R&B single, ‘Need You,’ hits different. The melody has such nostalgic and retro vibes to it that make us want to keep replaying it. And adding that last guitar solo really did it for us. We have no choice but to stan!


It’s been a while, but the wait was worth it! We’re the happiest to see that Treasure is finally back! This time they gave us their first mini-album, THE SECOND STEP : CHAPTER ONE, with the title track ‘Jikjin’ that even earned them their first-ever win at a music show. They came back bigger than ever, reaffirming and developing their sound and talent, and we’re so excited to see where this next series takes them.


Suzy is back with an incredible single ‘Satellite,’ and it’s her first release in four years since her second mini-album, Faces Of Love! It’s an emotional song about longing for someone or something you can’t reach, with an equally captivating music video featuring a performance by Monika. Suzy proves that she can kill any concept with this track, AKA our new rock anthem of the year!


If there’s a debut that had everyone talking this month, it’s JYP Entertainment’s new girl group, NMIXX. Their debut song, ‘O.O,’ is something truly one of a kind when it comes to sound – it’s a ride to listen to this song. The thing about it is that once you get used to the switches, it’s impossible to stop listening to it. NMIXX are already proving with their debut to be incredibly talented and promising, and we can’t wait to see them grow.


T1419 start their musical adventure in Japan with the first mini-album, OUR TEEN: BLUE SIDE, and ‘Run Up’ is a bop and a half! We have been obsessed with anything these boys have been doing and this Japanese debut is just the cherry on top!


CRAXY are establishing their sound on the K-Pop scene and ‘Dance with God’ makes us actually feel like we are dancing with some type of higher being! The girls really know how to get a K-Pop party started and we are here for it.

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Vocal queen Solji is back with her first mini-album, First Letter, and let’s just say it belongs on the soundtrack of a romance drama! Her title track, ‘Fade Away,’ is a masterpiece about continuing to love one person years after your relationship ended. The instrumentals along with her beautiful, soulful vocals on this EP will move you to tears before you know it.


Rocket Punch are finally back after a long hiatus with their new mini-album, Yellow Punch. With ‘CHIQUITA,’ they continue the retro sounds they rang in with the super catchy ‘Ring Ring’ and we are absolutely loving it! The girls sound and look amazing. We are riding the retro synth wave like it is the 80s again and we never want it to stop, honestly. Girls, keep it coming!


Legends will always be legends no matter what music they release. Well, Super Junior know how to drop a spring ballad and we are ready to leave the cold months finally behind us with these sweet melodies of ‘Callin’!’ We also love the soft and cozy looks our favorite oldies-but-goldies are pulling off! Kidding, SuJu will never be old!

How did we make it through this month of bangers without collapsing, right? Are we ready for more, since March is packed!? Of course! What was your favorite comeback of February? Which one are you most excited about in March? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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