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5 GFRIEND ‘Mago’ Stages We Are Grateful For

5 GFRIEND ‘Mago’ Stages We Are Grateful For

GFRIEND have officially completed their promotions for ‘MAGO,’ the amazing lead single off of 回:Walpurgis Night. And we are going to miss their presence on music shows! This time around, they successfully challenged the concept of modern witches who express a bold and candid attitude towards their inner desires. GFRIEND wrapped up their final Korean music show on November 22nd with a perfect stage, wearing retro outfits and presenting their captivating performance. 

Image Source: GFriend via Tenor

Goodbye ‘回’ Series

回:Walpurgis Night marks the end of the ‘回’ series that started from 回:LABYRINTH through 回:Song of the Sirens, showing the pinnacle of the girls’ transformation as well as providing closure to their narrative of growth. We hate to see this trilogy end! But the act successfully pulled off limitless concepts with vivid styles and makeup looks we had not seen before, and it allowed them to express their desires honestly and confidently. And confidence is something we can get behind! 

The album, 回:Walpurgis Night, was released on November 9th; the group received enthusiastic responses from fans for their further matured musicality. Buddies couldn’t stop yelling about how good the album was, and right after the album’s release, GFRIEND ranked No. 1 on the iTunes Top Albums Chart in seven countries/regions, which is unbelievable! GFRIEND truly deserves it all.

The fans’ favorite aspect about this album was that the sextet had active participation in the overall album-making process and demonstrated their musical accomplishments as artists. Members Eunha and Yuju participated in the lead single ‘MAGO.’ All members participated in the unit tracks, which they hadn’t done before. The track’s sing of bold and honest attitude towards one’s desires along with stories about love, daily lives in one’s twenties, and friendship between women. That’s truly something only GFRIEND can demonstrate!

What’s Next For GFRIEND?

Through 回:Walpurgis NightGFRIEND illustrated to Buddies the story of girls, who can view themselves purely from their own perspectives after going through a series of choices and temptations. A concept we couldn’t get enough of. We and fans alike are anticipating what’s next for GFRIEND. Buddies are already keeping an eye out for what new exciting things they will show next. And before we get this new content, we have these five ‘Mago’ stages to keep us company!

The Show – November 17th

Just everything about this stage is perfect! From the physical t-shirts and the rest of the outfits to Yuju’s pigtails! We really are obsessed with this stage!

Show Champion – November 11th

We love how colorful this comeback stage was! All these primary colors are screaming fun, and it’s taking us right back to the 80s. Our disco queens, GFRIEND!

Inkigayo – November 15th

Those outfits! The glittery ensembles are Buddies’ favorite from the music video, and we are so glad the girls wore them as stage outfits!

Music Bank – November 20th

GFRIEND in skirts? Is there anything better? Buddies and us don’t think so; these stage outfits had us really on the floor, and we can’t stop rewatching this fun choreography!

Inkigayo – November 22nd

Of course, we have the bittersweet goodbye stage of ‘MAGO’ to keep us alive. This stage really hit different and feels like the end of an era!

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Now, these girls know how to look great! Are you sad to see the ‘MAGO’ era end? What was your favorite music show stage of ‘MAGO?’ And what’s your favorite GFRIEND song from this album? Let us know in the comments below, on FacebookInstagram, or @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter! And you can also hang out with other Buddies at our Discord server: The Hive.

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Featured Image Source: GFriend via Twitter

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