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Three Reasons Why WONHO Is Our OBSESSION, To Celebrate His First Single Album

Three Reasons Why WONHO Is Our OBSESSION, To Celebrate His First Single Album

Super K-Pop star WONHO has dropped his first release of 2022! His first-ever single album OBSESSION features two songs, ‘EYE ON YOU’ and ‘Somebody,’ that carry two very disparate and distinct vibes. His single album follows up his last EP, Blue Letter, which received high praise last September. 

“I’m grateful that I’m able to greet my fans with my first single album in the year 2022. It feels like we are starting a new year together! I’ll try my best to show great things to you all this year” WONHO says. 

We’re happy to be starting our year with him as well! There are many reasons to stan this extremely talented man but we’ll just list a few of ours.

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His Versatility


WONHO has writing, composing, and arranging credits on each of his solo songs, from slower ballads to pop anthems. He never shies away from exploring different sides of his music and himself. He continues pushing his creative limits by playing with contrasting themes within OBSESSION

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Sometimes there are people who look at others with stereotypes, as if they were wearing colored glasses. In the music for ‘EYE ON YOU,’ you’ll see there are CCTVs that follow me, representing one’s gaze. The track originally started off with the theme of one’s gaze, but as I progressed with the songwriting, it turned into a topic that one could apply to various stories. In my opinion, it could also be interpreted as a love song, and apply to many different scenarios.


“The knot of sanity is broken
Out of my control
It won’t be easy to tame me
You know I’m so savage”

This song is his first dip into creating EDM-style music, and we are hoping he keeps them coming. His falsetto harmonies layered in for the outro remind us just how dynamic a singer he truly is. From singing to producing, to dancing, WONHO is a master at everything he does!

His Vulnerability 


“I’m falling to pieces
Wide awake, but I’m barely alive
Let go of the sadness
And the burden that’s holding me back”

This all-English track juxtaposes an uptempo beat with honest and gut-wrenching lyrics. It’s a simple plea, wishing for someone to come into his life and take away his loneliness. The composition is delicate and well-crafted, touched by WONHO’s signature sweet falsetto adding sugar to the bitterness of the lyrics. 

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His Bubbly Personality

Jessi Showterview

WONHO made an appearance on the well-loved Jessi Showterview to promote OBSESSION after his fans—known as WENEES—petitioned with an abundance of love for the opportunity. Throughout the interview, his kindness, respectfulness, and playfulness are evident. Jessi even invited him to come back for another episode because she enjoyed having him so much!

Yes, he has the stage presence of a god, but his warm disposition equally matches it. How could you not adore this warm-hearted, talented superhero of a human being? Be sure to stream his new single album wherever you listen to music!

WENEE, how obsessed are you with OBSESSION? Let us know in the comments, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or drop a comment on our Instagram and Facebook.

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