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We’re Breaking Down Wonho’s Album Blue Letter – Track By Track!

We’re Breaking Down Wonho’s Album Blue Letter – Track By Track!

WENEE! Wonho has returned with his 2nd mini-album Blue Letter! The album breaks down Wonho’s feelings and reflections on the pandemic, and the isolation we have all faced as a result. Here at The Honey POP, we love talking about Wonho, or talking to him, any chance we get, so it’s only right that we break this album down with you.

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Throughout Blue Letter, Wonho looks at the emotions and isolation we all endured, using the metaphor of the blue ocean – which is fitting because the ocean is both vast and overwhelming, but also soothing and comforting.

‘Intro: Seasons and Patterns’

This entire album feels like a break from reality and a celebration of daydreaming, and that starts right from track one! Whilst the song is an instrumental, Wonho describes it as comparing ocean waves to the passage of time. As Wonho is such a talented songwriter and producer, we love hearing his thought process behind the track. You can definitely hear his intentions, and the song sets up the themes of the album perfectly.

‘BLUE’ and ‘BLUE (English Ver.)’

This upbeat title track is so much fun! However, the best thing about it is the deeper meaning within the lyrics. Wonho says the song is meant to act as a “light at the end of the tunnel” for fans, and the music video is all about the power of imagination, how it can brighten up any dark days.

‘No Text No Call’

‘No Text No Call’ is another song with a clever juxtaposition; the lyrics are so sad, bordering on full-on heartbreak, but the production invokes romantic images of sunsets and late-night drives.

‘Come Over Tonight’

Yet again, Wonho perfectly tiptoes the line between sadness and joy, but this time, it’s sultry too. The R&B acoustic track is a refreshing and comforting take on loneliness, something we have all experienced in the last year and a half. 


‘24/7’ is another track that perfectly fits into the comforting concept of the album. Daydreaming and escapism are big themes in this album, and the idea of staying “forever young” really feeds into that on this EDM-influenced track.


Wonho really decided to make us cry with this one! So many music-lovers have really clung to the idea of seeing live music again as a lifeline throughout the pandemic and this song, all about Wonho’s desire to see WENEE in person, shows that artists and fans are on the same page. This acoustic track hits us right in the feels and is the perfect album closer. 

There are so many great things about this album, but the cohesiveness is truly next level. Blue Letter is such a smartly executed track-listed album. Whilst we want to have as much music from Wonho as possible, this mini-album really manages to reveal so much of Wonho’s emotions and thoughts, in just 20 minutes.

Wonho is one of the most talented K-Pop solo stars out there, and we feel like we’ve been waiting for the next album since Love Synonym #2: Right for Us. Thank you for blessing us, King!

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