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Obsessed With Wonho’s ‘Ain’t About You?’ Here are 4 Wonho Songs You’ll Be Obsessed With Too

Obsessed With Wonho’s ‘Ain’t About You?’ Here are 4 Wonho Songs You’ll Be Obsessed With Too

Wonho, isn’t only a sight for sore eyes but also a gift that keeps on giving. The idol is ready to make everyone his fan with the new music video for ‘Ain’t About You.’ His album Love Synonym #2: Right for Us, which dropped in February, left fans swooning. Especially the collab with western-artist Kiiara, ‘Ain’t About You,’ it is stunning. We love hearing Wonho sing in English as much as we love his Korean songs, but this collab is probably the bop of the century.

Not only is Wonho absolutely beautiful the rest of the music video left Wenee in awe. It is so lovely to see that Kiiara actually appeared in the music video, even with an ocean between them. She is looking just as good as Wonho, and we are obsessed. Collabs like this really feel extra special when both artists are shown in the music videos. ‘Ain’t About You’ might not be about you, but it is undoubtedly about them looking fabulous.

While we are still digesting this music video and the bop that is ‘Ain’t About You,’ we would like to share with you four more Wonho songs that are just as good and will leave you craving for more!

‘Losing You’

Get the tissues out this one’s for you, Wenee! ‘Losing You‘ is so beautiful; it’s almost addicting!

‘Best Shot’

Maybe, ‘Best Shot’ is not the only b-side from Love Synonym #2: Right for Us on this list, and we are not sorry! It’s a bop and a half.

‘Open Mind’

Is this Wonho‘s solo debut? Yes, it is! ‘Open Mind’ had fans blown away, and it is just getting better and better with each listen.


The end came in a ‘Flash!’ Yep, it is another Love Synonym #2: Right for Us b-side. We just couldn’t resist because the second part of Wonho’s first mini-album is way too good.

So, while we go and keep bopping to these groovy songs, what’s your favorite Wonho song? What song have you been obsessed with lately? What did you think about the ‘Ain’t About You’ music video? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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