EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Anson Seabra Talks Viral TikToks And New Music!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Anson Seabra Talks Viral TikToks And New Music!

Engineer turned songwriter/musician, Anson Seabra is back and releasing more music! After the success of his first album, Songs I Wrote In My Bedroom, we are getting to hear even more of his incredible music. Not only has he gone viral on TikTok, but his song, ‘Walked Through Hell,’ was featured on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. How cool is that?

Anson has recently signed with Virgin Music, which means we can expect new music from him very soon! His next single, ‘Magazines,’ will release on May 19th. We cannot wait and can only imagine what the song sounds like! But a new single must mean a new EP, right? We’ll just have to sit and wait patiently, even though it’s really hard.

So not only is there news about Anson’s new music, we actually got the chance to sit down with him (over Zoom) and chat about all things music! We talked about going viral on TikTok, having his music featured on Grey’s Anatomy, and his future plans. If you want to hear more about how he completely changed industries after going to school for engineering and started posting his music online, you are in the right place! Watch our interview with Anson Seabra below, you won’t regret it!

The Interview

You can pre-save Anson’s new single ‘Magazines’ to your favorite streaming platform here!

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