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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Nick Wilson On Exploring Emotion With Song

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Nick Wilson On Exploring Emotion With Song

UK musician Nick Wilson has never shied away from pouring out his heart and penning his emotion into his song lyrics. Mix in the high-scale production filled with remarkable details in his music videos, and it is truly the perfect formula. Oh honey poppers, you know we are a sucker for that! If you don’t know who this extraordinary musician is, then we introduce to you, Nick Wilson!

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His latest single, ‘Say Something’ gave us chills right from the very start– everything from that red-hued aesthetic, the falsetto that makes us swoon and sobbing over those masterful lyrics. Naturally, we put it on a constant loop! We had a chance to ask him all of our burning questions about this fiery track and his intoxicating music in general! So pour yourself a drink, read and unwind.

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In our exclusive interview with Nick Wilson, he told us everything about his new single ‘Say Something,’ the inspiration behind the lyric video and album artwork aesthetic, why he likes to incorporate falsetto, and he gets deep on his previous single ‘Lead Me To The Water!’ We also get the tea on his new album due on August 6th and all the deets to his upcoming tour in September 2021 and March 2022! Read all about it below!

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Your song ‘Say Something’ was described as snapshots of your life. What lyrics in the song best describe these snapshots?
I think the whole upcoming album delves into these snapshots of my life and things I have experienced, say something being just a small piece of it. With this song, it’s about not knowing what the other person is thinking in a relationship, and I’ve definitely experienced that before, with the frustration of not knowing what they are feeling.

You use falsetto a lot throughout the song, does it require special technique or vocal training in general?
Haha yeah, I’m such a sucker for falsetto! I don’t really know if I’m honest, I’ve never had vocal training so I don’t know the actual technical specifics, but it’s definitely difficult to switch on and go between falsetto and full voice. But I love the sound it gives so I do it all the time. haha.

We love the aesthetic of the lyric video and the styling of the photos to accompany the song. What kind of vibe did you want to give off for the entire project of ‘Say Something’? 
Thank you! I really wanted to tap into the same use of colour that we used in the album artwork, and we shot a bunch of material for singles too in that album artwork photoshoot, so I think it ties in really well. The reds and blues and blacks of it feel really 80’s to me and I love that.

The overall sound of this track is so cool and we saw it was produced by Martin Luke Brown and Mark Elliot. How did the collaborative process work for the track with them? Did you have an idea of how you wanted it to sound first?
It’s actually a song I wrote separately with Jonny Coffer, and I took it to mark and Martin when we were producing the album, and we kinda revisited it from scratch. The demo had the sound I wanted, but it was just about bringing out some different textures and elements to make it pop. I think Martin and mark really nailed it, it’s exactly how I wanted it to sound from the start.

We also heard your previous single ‘Lead Me To The Water’. Where did you draw inspiration from for this one? 
This one is about wanting to change with someone and needing someone to guide you and be there for you. It’s kind of a love song dressed up in a moment of realization that they are the one.

Not only are you vulnerable in the lyrics for your songs, but the music video for ‘Lead Me To The Water’ reflects vulnerability as well. How does it differ for you in this aspect when writing lyrics and then turning them into a visual? Which process is easier for you and which one is harder for you and why? 
I’m lucky enough to have an incredible team to work with on the visual side of things, and so they really nailed down and put forward the idea for the ‘Lead Me To The Water’ video. So really I just focused on making the song as good as it could be, and then the visual sort of revealed itself afterwards. It’s always easier to conceptualize visuals when you have the music there to work from.

Now I’m Falling cover, Image Source: Never Fade Records

What can we expect for your debut album Now I’m Falling given ‘Lead Me To The Water’ and ‘Say Something’?
These singles, kind of, show two sides of the album, the atmospheric ballad and then more upbeat pop songs. I think you can expect more falsetto, haha and some interesting playfulness in production and a couple more bangers mixed in with sad songs. haha.

Overall, what has songwriting given you on a personal level?
Songwriting to me now is like therapy. It gives me an outlet to vent and talk about things, even if it isn’t something directly impacting me. It’s just nice to be in a room with someone and open up. It’s definitely opened my eyes to more empathy and understanding.

You have an upcoming tour with Emily Burns and Gabrielle Aplin for your 2021 and 2022 tours, respectively. What are you looking forward to the most working with both Emily and Gabrielle? 
I love them both so much, such incredibly talented artists. I’m just looking forward to being able to play in front of a crowd again, to be honest! And getting to hear these guys music each night, I really can’t wait!

What songs are you most excited to play live for your fans? 
Ooo, I think there are a couple from the album that haven’t been released yet that I’m super excited about playing. There’s a song of mine called Miles Apart that I released a few years back, and that is always such a fun one to sing. 

Be sure to pre-save Nick Wilson’s debut album Now I’m Falling here! And if your looking to snag some tickets ( oh, honey, you know we are) for his upcoming tour with Emily Burns and Gabrielle Aplin check this out!

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