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Come Roll The ‘DICE’ With NMIXX’s First Comeback, ENTWURF!

Come Roll The ‘DICE’ With NMIXX’s First Comeback, ENTWURF!

NMIXX have officially made their first comeback with ‘DICE,’ and we’re so proud of our girls! Bae, Haewon, Jinni, Jiwoo, Kyujin, Lily, and Sullyoon have been working so hard since releasing Ad Mare back in February, and it’s been so fun to follow along with their journey. Ad Mare gave us the roaring ‘O.O’ and the confident ‘TANK,’ so our expectations were pretty high for their ENTWURF, or “design” in German, single album. But they delivered, as we thought they would!

As NSWER, we’re a little biased, but NMIXX never fails to give us incredible songs that we just grow to love even more over time. ENTWURF offers two amazing tracks that have been stuck in our heads since our first listen, along with gorgeous visuals that really propel NMIXX into new territory. Let’s take a closer look at our two new favorite songs!


First comes our title track, the energetic ‘DICE.’ It opens with a mysterious intro that includes brass instruments before switching up into a trap-tinged anthem that eventually switches up yet again into an R&B-influenced section! The transitions on this track feel so smooth, and each section has such a unique energy that complements the others so well. Listen closely during Jinni’s first rap verse – she throws in a little reference to ‘O.O!’

And can we discuss that music video?! Every scene is so immersive, and we love how much of a different vibe it gives from the eerie ‘O.O’ music video. Alice from Wonderland called, and she adores this video just as much as we do. From the bright garden scenes to the trippy dance break and the hot pink rooms with floating cats, we’ve probably watched it approximately 48957345 times. Sorry, not sorry!

‘COOL (Your rainbow)’

‘COOL’ is just as cool as the title suggests, and it has such a different vibe than anything NMIXX have put out before. It has more chill pop vibes, and it’s NMIXX’s first-ever love song, unless you count their cover of Rainbow’s ‘Kiss’ earlier this summer. Their vocals are surreal on this track, especially Haewon, Bae, and Sullyoon. The mix (or should we say mixx?) of delicate string notes with trap beats is so unique, and we’re sorry, ‘TANK,’ but ‘COOL’ just might be our favorite NMIXX b-side now.

The Promotion

Okay, we need to talk about the XXIWN promotions that came up before the girls announced ENTWURF, because that still has our minds racing. The mysterious XXIWN (“NMIXX” backwards and flipped over) account popped up in late August and posted a green and black teaser video with the caption “Big wave Big Wave.” NMIXX’s official account quote tweeted it and warned NSWERs not to follow it, so naturally, we all followed it. And it paid off, because “big wave” is a lyric in Kyujin’s rap verse during one of the switch-ups in ‘DICE!’ 

Alongside the official NMIXX account, XXIWN started posting crossword puzzle teasers that eventually spelled out the ‘DICE’ and ‘COOL’ song titles. It went radio silent after that, but there’s something in the ‘DICE’ music video that ties into it. Take a look at Kyujin’s hands during the dance break where she does the “N” and compare it to how the girls did the same move for ‘O.O’ performances – Kyujin does it backwards!

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From their music to their unique style and promotions, NMIXX always keeps us on our toes! ‘DICE’ and ‘COOL’ are such an intriguing display of what each member is capable of, showing off their singing, dance, and rap skills in a whole new way. If you hear us chanting “We go up! We NMIXX!” at random points throughout the day, feel free to join in.

Now we wanna hear from you! What do you think of NMIXX’s ENTWURF single album? Which track is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more NMIXX content, click here.


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