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5 Reasons Why … You should Stan MONSTA X

5 Reasons Why … You should Stan MONSTA X


Monsta X have been around for some time now, and their good qualities are not news anymore for most people. However, the ascending group with sound bops offers a variety of reasons for you to stan them. Once you get to know Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon and I.M, there’s no way you won’t be turning into a Monbebe.

So here are five reasons you should stan Monsta X.

1. Music, concept, talent.

The X in Monsta X’s name, as members have mentioned before, refers to the infinite possibilities for their music. True to their word, Monsta X is a group with super impressive beats both as a unit and individually. Not only does the group have an amazing discography, but also their individual works are worth your time. From Jooheon’s ‘Red Carpet’ mixtape, to I.M’s most recent collaboration with Elhae, ‘Horizon’, these boys keep delivering creative, diverse and intense work that will make you replay their albums throughout your day. Some of their greatest hits include their most recent comeback ‘Follow’; the song which earned them their first Music Show win in Korea, ‘Dramarama;’ and also ‘Jealousy,’ ‘Alligator,’ plus many others.

The group does not limit themselves to the Korean language. Monsta X already have a broad discography in Japanese – which includes title tracks such as ‘Spotligh,’ ‘PUZZLE,’ and more recent ‘X-Phenomenon‘ – and are preparing to release their first ever full English album ‘All About Luv‘ – which will include hits such as ‘Who Do You Love?,’ ‘Someone’s Someone,’ and ‘Middle of the Night.’

Their music and their concepts have been a great motive for fans to create super complex theories and follow a story line which involves time travel and true friendship. To follow this story line, you need to pay attention to their secondary music videos such as ‘Destroyer’ and ‘Find You.’

2. Manners

More than once Monsta X have been praised for their good manners, not only towards their own fans, but also towards their staff or other co-workers. Their politeness and kindness never goes unnoticed.

In 2018, during a schedule in Singapore, I.M caught everyone’s attention by simply pulling a staffer under his umbrella because she was in the rain – mind you, the umbrellas were held by staff to protect the artists – but seeing their co-workers in unpleasant conditions, the youngest member of the group decided to take the umbrella in his own hands and pull the staffer under it as well. But this is not all, later that day, Monsta X members collectively refused to let their fans kneel on the floor during the pictures for the Fan Meeting. It resulted in staff finally getting them chairs, and even when the chairs were brought, there are many reports and pictures of Wonho himself cleaning the chairs for the fans to sit on.

Earlier in 2018, the group released an episode of their MonChannel, where fans watched Kihyun kindly helping a lady carrying her trolley up some stairs in Australia.

Monsta X’s manners are a subject on which we could go on for day because these boys do have a history of being the kindest, both privately and publicly.

3. Relation and respect for their fans.


Wonho’s infinite messages for their fans are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the connection and respect Monsta X have towards their fanbase. Although there’s always a big gap between artists and the fandom (whether by management or simply the circumstances surrounding them), the truth is, Monsta X members have always managed to show how deeply they care and how thankful they are for their Monbebe.

Fansigns report where each member show concerns towards their fans’ lives and problems. Wonho completely disregards security measures and trusts their fans enough to simply go into the middle of them during a concert. Monsta X casually sits between their fans on Idol’s Sports Competition (ISAC). These are just some examples of how the boys show their love to their Monbebe. And recently, it has caught everyone’s attention how they make sure that, at the end of each broadcast they appear on, “Thanks to: Monbebe” appears on the ending credits.  


4. Their personalities

Monsta X reality shows and VLive broadcasts are worthy of comedy recognition. From Right Now and Monsta X-Ray, to their most recent Monsta X Puppy Day (to promote their recent TwotuckGom collaboration), Monsta X’s reality shows will lift up your mood instantly. Each member has a different personality and they are so unique that you will fall in love with them without realizing you have. In addition, they are hilarious and are often recognized as royalty in different variety shows. They break the internet every time they appear on programs like Weekly Idol or Idol Room – sometimes, not even the MCs resist their playfulness.

The group is also known for being one of the most hardworking ones in the industry. Even though they come from a considerably well-known company, Monsta X members have to go through a survival show – No.Mercy – in order to debut at 7. Although they went through a lot of struggles, the boys never gave up and often rejected their vacation time to work on new music, go to more shows, or participate in broadcasts.

5. Consciousness, humbleness and kind hearts

Monsta X members are always considerate of the people surrounding them, as we saw before. However, they are always conscious about what’s happening in the world. More than once the boys have used their award recipient speeches to address social matters or tragic occurrences, like the earthquakes of Pohang and Mexico in 2017.

They have also been humble, since their debut. One of the first mentions of their great attitude is from MAMA 2015. After most artists had left the ceremony and didn’t wait for the finale – which included Big Bang’s and PSY’s performances – Monsta X members remained in their seats until the end, in full respect for the artists. The deed earned them a picture with the icons they so much admire. On a more recent note, lead singer Wonho was seen wearing a bright green polish on his pinky finger nail, participating the Polished Man campaign.

Now, in 2019, the boys have joined Together The Band, coming together with the global movement and collecting awareness to major issues around the globe.

Speaking with honesty, I think all these reasons are just the tip of the iceberg on why you should stan Monsta X. These boys have so much to offer and, even through the roughest times, they never forget about their fans and keep working so hard. Their music is amazing, and they always bring you the best content as well. We advise you to stan this group and become a beloved Monbebe!

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