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5 Reasons Why More & More of You Should Stan Twice

5 Reasons Why More & More of You Should Stan Twice

You’ve probably all heard of ‘Fancy’ or ‘Feel Special’. Perhaps you’re more into ‘Signal’, ‘Yes or Yes’, or ‘Heart Shaker’. Maybe songs such as ‘Like Ooh Aah’, ‘What is Love’, ‘Cheer Up’, the memorable ‘TT’, or the adorable ‘Likey’ is more your style. No matter how far under a rock you live, we’re almost certain that you’ve probably at least glimpsed a video of JYP’s girl group Twice on your timeline during yet another stan twitter fan war or in the comments of a KPOP stan’s hit tweet.

Their depth and reach across the world both online, offline, and across international borders is truly awe-inspiring. This is embodied within their enthusiastic and committed fanbase known as Once. Twice has a lengthy history of famously catchy title tracks. It is truly remarkable and is one of the many reasons for their well-deserved acclaim. So for all of you out there who still haven’t jumped on the Twice train have no fear because by the time we’re finished you’ll be walking out of here as a certified Once.

1. Their Musical Growth

It’s been almost 5 years since Twice officially debuted as a 9-member girl group and since then we’ve been lucky enough to witness their growth as singers, rappers, and dancers through their music. Over time their sound has evolved from their signature cute concept with title tracks such as ‘Likey’, ‘What is Love’, and ‘Heart Shaker’ to more sophisticated songs such as ‘Fancy’, ‘Feel Special’, ‘Breakthrough’, and their latest single ‘More & More’ (off of their latest album of the same name).

Despite Twice’s recent departure from the usual sweet, bright, and bubbly videos and sounds that helped bring them to fame this has not slowed them down one bit. The girls have managed to show how versatile they can be with the themes and choreography that they cover in their music maturing along with them. 

Twice have proven to everyone that change doesn’t have to be a bad thing and that they can handle whatever you throw their way. They are always developing and honing their skills while embracing new ideas. The girls are not afraid of a challenge and consistently manage to stay at the top of the charts no matter what they release, with their latest album More & More breaking several records, including the highest first-day sales for a Korean girl group, debuting number 1 on the Oricon and Gaon album charts and even making an appearance on the Billboard 200.

Twice’s success has led to them signing with the U.S. record label Republic Records and even a collaboration with big names artists such as Zara Larson and Julia Michaels for ‘More & More’! Whether you want a charming and adorable girl group or a refined and elaborate one, we’re confident you can find everything you need in Twice!

2. Their Close Involvement With Their Music

Music is personal and it touches and affects everyone who listens to it. Writing songs is an art, and when artists put their thoughts and feelings into words on a track and choose to share it with the rest of the world, it always feels extra special. Although Twice is signed to one of the infamous Big 3 companies, they have been able to enjoy some creative freedom in the form of lyric composition.

Every single member of the group has contributed their writing abilities to some B-side gems of their discography. Main rapper Chaeyoung is especially known for writing her raps for live performances or when the group covers other artists’ songs. It’s no easy feat to transform your emotions into something tangible for others to enjoy and relate to, but Twice are talented enough to accomplish it. If you want to see their songwriting know-how in action, check out the tracks listed below:

  • ‘Precious Love’
  • ‘Young & Wild’
  • ‘Strawberry’,
  • ‘Don’t Give Up’,
  • ’21:29′
  • ‘How U Doin’
  • ‘Eyes, Eyes, Eyes’
  • ‘Missing U’
  • ‘Sweet Talker’
  • ‘Sweet Summer Day’
  • ’24/7′
  • ‘Ho!’
  • ‘Sunset’
  • ‘Girls Like Us’
  • ‘Get Loud’
  • ‘Trick It’
  • ‘Love Line’
  • ‘LaLaLa’
  • ‘Rainbow’
  • ‘Make Me Go’
  • ‘Shot Thru The Heart’
  • ‘Turn It Up’
  • ‘Hot’
  • ‘Love Foolish’

3. Twice is Full of Incredibly Well-Rounded Individuals

Twice are an incredibly well rounded and talented group. Just to name a few of the aces on the team, Tzuyu is known for her visuals and was voted as the Most Beautiful Face of 2019 by TC Candler. To add on, Momo is known as a dancing machine and is considered by many to be one of the best idol dancers.

Also, Dahyun is an amazing pianist, and Nayeon and Jihyo also receive lots of praise for their strong vocals.

The reason why Twice is such a multifaceted group is no accident; the group was formed through a reality T.V. survival show called Sixteen, which began with 16 potential candidates for the new JYP girl group. As the series went on, members were eliminated to form the final line up, with the final selection being based on audience and viewer votes as well as input from the CEO of JYP Entertainment himself. The contestants were judged not only on their strength in dancing and singing but their charm and character traits as well.

Every single member of Twice earned their spot on the team, and they each excel in their roles. Each individual provides a unique element to the group and is irreplaceable. The chances of finding a replica of this combination of talent anywhere else are extremely rare, which makes Twice a force to be reckoned with.

4. Twice’s Music Provides Solace to Fans Because It’s Relatable

Music is a means of escaping to another world, away from all of your worries and cares. Sometimes you just need to lose yourself in a cheerful and lighthearted song. Although Twice explore different music styles and topics throughout their discography, one of their most prevalent motifs is the concept of love, which they tackle through their characteristic bubble gum pop sound. Their crazy addictive choruses are usually accompanied with choreography, including the iconic ‘TT’ point moves, and Sana’s famous ‘Shy, Shy, Shy’ from ‘Cheer Up’, which has helped them to endure in the eye of the general public and has cemented their spots as titans in the KPOP industry.

Although romance may have been the central focus of songs for centuries Twice are still able to approach the subject from a unique perspective and give it a new twist. They manage to provide comfort to their fans and have the ability to make Onces feel less alone with the relatability of their song lyrics. Love is such a complex emotion and is a universal experience for human beings. The girls thoroughly delve into the matter in their albums. They examine all of the aspects that make love so intricate.

From the naivete of young love to the innocence of a school crush, unrequited love, and self-love. Then realizing your worth, Twice is able to demonstrate just how vast the spectrum of one of the most powerful emotions. If you find yourself in need of a pick me up or you’re in the mood for something bright, upbeat and bubbly, look no further than these girls. Sweet like candy and bring a smile to your face!

5. Twice Are Extremely Dedicated to Their Music and Their Fans

One of the main factors for Twice’s popularity and triumph in the music industry is heavily based on their engagement with their fans. They have a very active presence on social media, frequently uploading posts to Instagram and sharing videos depicting their lives on VLIVE. Through their constant interactions with their fans, the group can display the side to them that we normally don’t see when they’re performing on stage. They’re not afraid to let down their guard and show their funny, crazy, goofy, clumsy, awkward, silly, and energetic personalities with the rest of the world. 

Furthermore, Twice is home to 4 non-Korean members, with Mina, Sana, and Momo being from Japan, and Tzuyu being from Taiwan. These members dared to risk everything and leave their native country to travel to Korea, learn a completely new language, and take a chance on breaking into the music industry. Their hard work and determination along with their boldness ended up paying off in the end, which resulted in the self-assured performers we know and love today. We wouldn’t have it any other way because Twice just would not be the same without them.

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In addition, the road has not always been easy for the girls. They’ve certainly faced plenty of adversity during their time as a group, with the most recent one being Mina’s diagnosis with anxiety disorder which led to her stepping back from group activities such as their TWICELIGHTS world tour. As a result, Mina was also missing for the majority of Twice’s promotion period and live stages for their Feel Special comeback. Nonetheless, the members were incredibly supportive and stayed strong, using all of their efforts to compensate for Mina’s temporary absence. Chaeyoung covered Mina’s lines in ‘Feel Special’ until she was healthy enough to return, and the group’s ability to quickly adapt and adjust to an unexpected situation was extremely admirable. Even though there was a feeling of emptiness in the group while Mina was away during her recovery, the remaining members did their best to continue moving forward.

The greatest sign of the group’s strength was when Mina surprised Onces by returning to participate in Twice’s group activities during the Japanese leg of their tour. Her bravery in returning to the stage after her battle with her mental health touched the hearts of all Twice’s fans. During the group’s fourth fan meeting, Once Halloween 2, Mina sang her part in ‘Feel Special’ for the first time live, which was a very emotional moment for her members and Onces.

The best part of all was during the Fukuoka concert when we finally got a true ot9 performance of ‘Feel Special’ with Mina even participating in the choreography this time, without missing a single step. The ease with which Mina quickly learned the dances moves and caught up with her teammates and how effortlessly she fit back into the group was a testament to Twice’s resilience.

Time and time again, Twice have shown that the bond that they have with each other, as well as with their fans is truly unbreakable. Their steadfast loyalty and tenacity, when confronted with challenges, is proof that no matter what happens, they will do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams and support their fans.

In conclusion, Twice are our shining light, and we owe it all to them because they make us feel special! These angels are one in a million, and you won’t find another group out there with the same infectious and lovable personalities, sweet voices, addictive choreography, or catchy songs anywhere. No matter how hard you try to deny your affection for these charming girls, their allure is undeniable. So don’t be afraid to stan, because we know you want it. Once you fall in love with these crazy talented and insanely precious 9 girls, you’re gonna want more, more, more, more, More & More!

If you are already as obsessed with Twice as we are, let us know what you love about them! Leave a comment down below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured image source: @JYPETWICE on Twitter

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