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Minho Is Home, SHINee’s Back And Here Is What We Need Next

Minho Is Home, SHINee’s Back And Here Is What We Need Next


Shawols SHINee’s back… SHINee’s back… (Alexa play ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Replay’). Can you believe it? After the long two year hiatus, SHINee is back to being a full membered group and active again! Choi Minho, the group’s rapper and the man with the smallest face, has been discharged from the Marine Corps as of November 15th! We have waited 18 months for this man to return to us and when he had the chance to be discharged early, this man with the biggest heart and filled to the brim with passion refused to take his early leave and choose to stay and train his juniors instead. Do you need another reason to love Choi Minho?

Stream ‘I’m Home’ Because He Is Home

We really can’t believe this day has come, and Minho is back with his brothers. Key and Onew have already been discharged earlier this year after completing their military service as active-duty soldiers and members of the military band. You must have seen Key having the time of his life with BTOB’s Changsub! We truly were living off of these moments! But also, the youngest member Taemin has been feeding us with various activities as a member of SuperM and as a solo artist. We are so grateful!

Image Source: Courtesy of Kibum via Instagram

This year has been tiring for all of us with the pandemic but moments like these; when someone we have waited for so long is returned to us, we really feel that this year isn’t as bad. And Minho’s discharge comes with the promise of new SHINee music. That is before we have to say goodbye to Taemin. But we would like to ignore this fact as of now and just dwell on our feelings of happiness. We really can’t wait to watch Minho greeting us soon on his discharge celebration Vlive that will happen on Monday, November 16th.

Goodbye Marine Sergeant Choi! Hello, SHINee’s Minho!

Image Source: SM Entertainment via Twitter

We don’t mean to brag but Minho has accomplished quite the achievements in the military. Minho enlisted as a Marine in April of 2019 which is the hardest branch in the Army to do and to get into. Then after he finished training he graduated as the top three recruits out of the 1100 and got an award. He proceeded to become a jumpmaster, then a sergeant, a paratrooper, and finally a squad leader. He was even a member of the 1st division airborne force unit, which is really impressive! We are so proud of you Minho!

So What’s Next?

Minho’s discharge comes with plenty of anticipation! There is the smell of a SHINee comeback in the air! Maybe even as early as the end of this year or the beginning of the next! We are also hoping for more SHINee solo content. Minho is the only member who hasn’t release a solo mini-album or full-length album! We are also hoping for the other members to give us plenty of new bops in the coming months and year! SHINee will not leave us again so easily now that the majority of the members have completed their mandatory military service and we are wishing for it all. We want the content, the reality show, the YouTube videos, the interactions, and the music!

Maybe SM Entertainment will be allowing us to hear SHINee’s incredible vocals in a BEYOND Live online concert. We were hoping for Taemin to have one but so far there is no news of one! Fingers crossed for news soon!

Image Source: SHINee via Pinterest

All in all, we here at The Honey POP, are really excited to see 5HINee returned to us in this rollercoaster of a year. We are anticipating greatness! How do you feel about Minho’s discharge and SHINee being complete again? What future activities are you hoping for? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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