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8 Eric Nam Songs For Your Playlist

8 Eric Nam Songs For Your Playlist


Eric Nam is a legend on the K-Pop scene and his discography is vast and versatile. So, just in time for Eric’s first full-English album Before We Begin turning one year old, we are here to give you eight songs you need on your playlist. Due to Eric having debuted both in the US and Korea, his discography has both English and Korean songs. So we understand that the bops seem to be hard to navigate! But we are here to help. So let’s get into the eight Korean and English songs we think you need on your playlist!

Image Source: Eric Nam via Giphy

‘Love Die Young’

Now, what better song to start this list with than Eric’s first single off his full-length English album Before We Begin. ‘Love Die Young’ blew us away on the first listen. This beautiful pop ballad has heartbreaking lyrics, and Eric Nam’s voice is just absolutely beautiful. We can’t stop hitting replay!

‘Cave Me In’

Eric Nam is best known for knowing every idol out there ever. This has lead to Eric having released some really dope collaborations and so is ‘Cave Me In’. The song is a collab between Epik High’s Tablo, the one and only Gallant, and Eric Nam. Their three voices come together in this beautiful RnB song that is so chill we are vibing with it!


‘Honestly’ is honestly one of Eric’s best singles off of his EP Honestly from 2018. Eric is the king of upbeat RnB and pop songs, and we are here for it! The lyrics of this song are so relatable, and the fact that his voice is just as beautiful in Korean as it is in English is melting our hearts! The chorus’ beat has to be our favorite part!


‘Runway’ is a gem we got in 2019, and we are still not over it. We even got an official English version of the song featuring Steve James. But the Korean original is dear to our hearts! Eric proves again how he is the master of switching between RnB, soul, and pop and gives us an absolute bop! The music video for this one is just as fun!


Is there anyone Eric Nam hasn’t collaborated with? A song with Timbaland? We can’t believe this one. It is such a hidden and forgotten jam and the song is so groovy! We imagine this song to be perfect for a road trip with your windows down and just grooving to the song’s beat!


You might be able to tell that we are slightly obsessed with Eric’s album Before We Begin. But ‘Congratulations’ is just so fun and such a mood! We love Marc E. Bassy featuring on this track. There is just something about Eric’s amazing voice teaming up with a rapper that has us extra hype. This is truly a pop anthem we can’t stop replaying!

‘Into You’

‘Into You’ is a collaboration between Eric Nam and KOLAJ. Yes, we are loving this one! The song is more on the pop/EDM side and it works. Eric’s voice and KOLAJ’s voice complement each other very well and they make for an absolute dance bop. We have been found jamming to this and jumping around our living spaces multiple times!

‘How You Been’

We couldn’t finish this list without a classic Eric Nam ballad! ‘How You Been’ is a ballad off of Eric’s latest Korean album The Other Side and it was born out of quarantine. Maybe that is why the lyrics to this are so relatable. But we feel each and every one of these words. Eric has outdone himself with this beautiful song, and we have to admit our eyes barely stay dry while listening

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And that concludes our tiny list of eight amazing Eric Nam songs your playlist needs! Did we mention your favorite Eric Nam song? Are you part of Nam Nation? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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