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6 Times Kim Yugyeom Proved He Is GOT7’s Main Dancer

6 Times Kim Yugyeom Proved He Is GOT7’s Main Dancer

GOT7 is gearing up for a comeback with their fourth studio album, Breath of Love: Last Piece, and we can’t contain our excitement! Ahgases are getting ready to support these seven boys, and we are all about that! All seven members of GOT7 are incredibly talented and deserve the world. But today, we thought it was time to focus on non-other than the group’s youngest and main dancer Kim Yugyeom! The boy got some moves, and every time they blow us away! And so, we decided to list some of our favorite moments, which prove he deserves the title of main dancer! Please teach Ahgase your ways! 

Image Source: Yugyeom via GIPHY

His Hit The Stage Performances

Yugyeom won MNET’s Hit The Stage four years ago, and we are still not over it! He gave Ahgase some of their most favorite performances! His dance lines are genuinely insane, and we can’t look away when he dances. If you haven’t watched these yet, we recommend you do so now! This boy was born to dance. Also, his performance for the final was top tier!

GOT7’s collab with GFRIEND at SBS Gayo Daejun 2016

We have to admit, we here at The Honey Pop love a good old fancam. And this one hits just different. We can witness how great Yugyeom’s dance lines are in this fancam and how respectful and in-sync he dances with GFRIEND’s Eunha! Applause for GOT7’s main dancer!


While Ahgase and we wait for the new GOT7 album, we can’t help but reminisce about GOT7’s last comeback with ‘Not By The Moon.’ We stated earlier how we are suckers for fancams, and Yugyeom’s is absolutely stunning! Weekly Idol really gives fans the clearest view of Yugyeom’s dance skills and their fluidity! Yugyeom truly is a sight when it comes to dancing!

Yugyeom’s solo at Keep Spinning 2019 World Tour

Yugyeom had a solo stage alongside member Jinyoung during their 2019 World Tour Keep Spinning, and it is just amazing! There isn’t anything we don’t love about this stage and how mesmerizing it is! If you were lucky enough to witness this live, we bet the experience was out of this world! 

Freestyle during ‘Eclipse’ Encore at Inkigayo

After placing first on Inkigayo with ‘Eclipse,’ GOT7 had the opportunity to hold an encore stage. In true GOT7 fashion, the boys were their messy, fun selves and the members asked Yugyeom to dance! So he broke out in this fantastic freestyle dance solo that took Ahgase’s breath away, and it proves how talented he is!

His Instagram Dances

During the group’s hiatus since their last comeback ‘Not By The Moon,’ Yugyeom has been posting plenty of dance practice videos on Instagram to keep fans fed! And they are outstanding! Some of them he choreographed himself and others with friends. We can’t complain; they truly show his skills, and we are thankful for being kept entertained during the hiatus!

And that concludes our little list of Yugyeom proving his main dancer position. We are true Yugyeom fans and hope to see more of his beautiful dancing in the upcoming comeback. What’s your favorite Yugyeom dance moment? Are you excited for the comeback? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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