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5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Eric Nam

5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Eric Nam


If you have been part of the KPOP fandom for a while we are sure you have stumbled upon Eric Nam on one occasion or the other. But why haven’t you committed to stanning yet? Well if you are looking for reasons to become a permanent Eric Nam stan, We got you!

An Amazing Discography in English and Korean

Since Eric is originally from America, he dropped his first full English album last year in November with the lead single ‘Congratulations’ and debuted officially in the US. But Eric has released multiple versions of his Korean discography before and has always served us bops in two languages. His entire Korean and English discography doesn’t include a single bad song and his honey vocals gave us some of the most beautiful ballads. His song ‘How You Been’ from his latest Korean album gave us the chills! There will definitely be a song that you will absolutely love among Eric’s vast discography.

Amazing Dance Moves

Eric has never been the best KPOP dancer out there but he makes it fun! And we love seeing him enjoy himself on stage and during music videos. His body rolls especially are so sexy his mom has forbidden him from ever doing them (of course he isn’t following that rule). Eric’s dancing during ‘Paradise’, his latest hit song, was really good and we loved to see him work so hard to give us such an amazing stage for this summer bop! We hope to see him perform more dance-heavy songs in the future. But he sure got the moves already!

A Social Butterfly

Image Souce:  Courtesy Twitter @thedivestudios

There is barely anyone Eric Nam isn’t friends with. He has been in the KPOP industry for quite a while and he is the sunbaenim (Korean for senior) to a lot of people. He has made many connections due to being a host of Arirang TV’s After School Club and has accumulated a bunch of idol friends. Eric is known for hosting a lot of events as well, such as KCON and so he is well known among his juniors and they idolize him. We are pretty certain some of your faves are his friends and we love to see idols interacting with each other. It makes for quite amazing content. And why not stan someone who is already friends with your idol?

So Much Content

If you needed another reason to stan Eric Nam then the fact that he has so much content to consume coming out all the time should be it. The man is hosting a podcast at the dive studios which is called KPOP Daebak and you should listen to for anything KPOP-related, interviews with your faves, and some laughs. He also hosts two other podcasts I Think You’re Dope, where he interviews famous people such as Gallant, Alec Benjamin, or Jenny Han, and Commit or Quit which he co-hosts with his two brothers. There they watch the first two episodes of a show together and then decide if they commit to the full season. One of our favorites!

All of these podcasts come out on a weekly basis and keep Nam Nation well fed! Furthermore, Eric has also new music on the way and is doing online concerts. When you stan Eric you will never starve for content.

The All Around Package

Image Source: CourtesyTwitter @ericnamofficial

Eric is one of the busiest people in the KPOP industry and he is very close with his fans. He has opened up about his struggles with mental health and is advocating for more awareness of it in South Korea. He has also spoken out against racism and donated to charity. However, Eric is very hardworking and writes most of his songs on his own. And even after years in the industry and already being 31 years of age (he thinks he is old smh!), he reinvents himself and outdoes his previous projects every time. We are so impressed. In our opinion, Eric is one of the most multi-faceted KPOP soloists.

We say it is never too late to stan Eric Nam, and you have only things to gain and nothing to lose by stanning this man!

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What do you think about Eric Nam? Are you ready to become part of Nam Nation? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Eric Nam via Marie Claire

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