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Twice’s ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ Has Our Eyes Wide Open

Twice’s ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ Has Our Eyes Wide Open

Twice have returned to us today with their second full-album Eyes Wide Open and lead single ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ and we can’t get enough. Our third eyes have finally opened with this album because we have never seen Twice like this. We are getting this album just four months after their summer bop ‘More & More’. And, the theme of this album is all about 80s retro-pop and pushing boundaries. Alas, we are obsessed with confident and mature Twice!

The album dropped today alongside the absolutely stunning music video for
‘I Can’t Stop Me’. The visuals of the girls are truly out of this world. And JYPE invested good coin in this music video and it pays off. The retro looks make the nine-member group more gorgeous than ever and the nature fairy looks have us gushing over them. We recommend you to watch this gem of a music video before proceeding any further.

Image Source: Twice via Giphy

Right This Way If You Can’t Be Stopped

We love how ‘I CAN’T STOP ME’ sets the retro tone for the rest of the album, with the following songs developing the project’s message: push the envelope and step out of your comfort zone. We love how this mantra really brings the whole 13-track album together. Furthermore, the recent trend of retro and 80s inspired synth working its way back into KPOP, and replacing the heavy trap sounds we got the first half of the year is a pleasant surprise.

The B-sides

Twice really venture into a new, more mature sound with this album showing their fans that their music and concepts are blossoming with the members themselves. Eyes wide open with its 13-tracks continues to push musical boundaries, luring new fans and feeding us loyal fans to the brim. The b-sides of the album include ‘HELL IN HEAVEN’, ‘UP NO MORE’, ‘DO WHAT WE LIKE’, ‘BRING IT BACK’, ‘BELIEVER’, ‘QUEEN’, ‘GO HARD’, ‘SHOT CLOCK’, ‘HANDLE IT’, ‘DEPEND ON YOU’, ‘SAY SOMETHING’, and last but not least ‘BEHIND THE MASK’.

Our Picks

We would like to highlight the two songs ‘BELIEVER’ and ‘BEHIND THE MASK’ since those two songs really stand out from the rest of the album, which is full of bops. ‘BELIEVER’ was written by the one and only Kenzie which you might know from all your favorite SM group releases. A true maker of bops who made ‘BELIEVER’ a jam. Thus, making the retro-feel in this one real and the voices of each of the members shine brightly. We can’t get enough!

Next is ‘BEHIND THE MASK’, which was co-produced and written by no other than Heize and Dua Lipa. What a power duo right? They combined their forces to bring us the best album ender there could ever be and it hits. It is ultimately our favorite song on the album besides the title. The replay button is being overused! Because Twice’s vocalists have such beautiful vocal colors they really shine in this song. And the song feels like a warm hug after this bop-filled ride of an album. The perfect happy ending if you ask us!

Onces React

Image Source: Twice via Giphy

And now?

So what is next for twice? Up next, Twice is set to release a new track for the Riot Games with collaborator K/DA titled ‘I’LL SHOW YOU.’ And we are already excited about this! We really can’t wait for more Twice content but for now, we will stay well-fed with this album.

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So, what is your favorite song on Eyes Wide Open? What do you think about the music video? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: I Can’t Stop Me Music Video via YouTube

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