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SHINee, The Princes Of K-Pop, Make Their Grand Return With ‘Don’t Call Me’

SHINee, The Princes Of K-Pop, Make Their Grand Return With ‘Don’t Call Me’

The comeback we, here at The Honey POP, have been waiting for. SHINee is back (back back back…). Shawols, have you realized it yet? SHINee has released a new album and is back after two years and six months. We are having a hard time actually grasping this fact, but it is slowly sinking in. Listening to the album for the 100th time should do the trick- we are right there with you. Don’t Call Me is SHINee‘s seventh full studio album, and they are proving, yet again, that they are the Princes of K-Pop! 

The nine-track album is lead by the title track ‘Don’t Call Me,’ which shows fans an entirely new SHINee! ‘Don’t Call Me’ is a hip-hop-based dance track and spotlights the darker side of the five-member group! We haven’t seen SHINee do anything like this track, and that’s why, even 13 years into their career, SHINee always feels like a breath of fresh air.

‘Don’t Call Me’ Marks A New Era Of SHINee

‘Don’t Call Me’ has been in the pipeline at SM Entertainment for a while it seems, first being offered to none other than legend BoA, but SHINee is possibly the only group who could pull this song off. Alas, their vocal power is what makes ‘Don’t Call Me’ so great and elevates the song into a stratosphere it wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise. This makes the song a great listening experience, even with the uncommon song progression. We see SHINee in a new light, and we love it!

Image Source: SM Entertainment

Don’t Call Me is SHINee’s seventh album, and it feels like a perfectly composed and well-rounded album. Shawols get to enjoy nine new tracks in various genres, which illustrate that SHINee truly can pull off anything. On January 31st, fans already got a taste of the album when the group performed ‘Marry You’ during their live stream The RingtoneSHINee is Back, an introduction event for this album’s promotion. ‘Marry You’ felt like a present to fans who had waited years for SHINee’s return and graced them with SHINee’s core strength: their vocal harmonies. The song also is a continuation of a storyline in SHINee’s discography, which started with their debut song ‘Replay,’ continued with ‘Love Sick,’ and now concludes in ‘Marry You.’

Don’t Call Me Is A Well-Rounded Album

Besides ‘Marry You,’ Don’t Call Me offers seven more songs which are all title track worthy. Starting with the dance-pop track ‘Heart Attack,’ serving Shawols original SHINee vibes with the use of a funky electric guitar. Continuing with the atmospheric ‘CØDE,’ followed by ‘I Really Want You,’ a groovy-pop song that gets your shoulders moving. Carrying on with the dance-pop track, ‘Kiss Kiss,’ utilizing an uptempo bass line and electric guitar sounds, which will get stuck in your head. Then, taking you to ‘Body Rhythm,’ a reggae dance track that is sure to become your favorite, as we have never seen SHINee challenge reggae before. Followed by the funky ‘Attention’ where Minho is offering fans his best whistle skills and finally concluding in pop-ballad ‘Kind,’ which uses voice-altering effects to bring you a haunting and beautiful song. Not a skip detected in this amazing album! 

SHINee-album-don't call me
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Overall, SHINee proved again that they are the Princes of K-Pop, and they always deliver a level of quality only they can bring. We, here at The Honey POP, are absolutely overwhelmed and happy with Don’t Call Me! So, what is your favorite track on the album? What was your favorite moment during the music video? How much are you looking forward to live stages? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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  • Once again SHINee has done what only SHINee can do-something with a new twist yet still quintessentially them.
    The mv for Don’t Call Me is fun and exciting, style kings remain.
    The album itself is like coming home. i mean, it’s been a while, right?? And you play the album and it’s so comforting and familiar cos it’s SHINee and they always sound like themselves. Don’t let that fool you into thinking you’ll be listening to old sounds though. Everything is fresh with that special SHINee spin.
    CØDE, Kind and Kiss Kiss are favourites and topping that list is Body Rhythm.
    i absolutely cannot wait for a Body Rhythm mv or live performance. Ahhhhhh.
    Stream Don’t Cann Me and stan SHINee !!!

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