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SHINee Is Back And About To Have Their First Online Concert – Here Is Our Dream Setlist!

SHINee Is Back And About To Have Their First Online Concert – Here Is Our Dream Setlist!

The concert we have all been waiting for is about to be here on April 4th! ‘Don’t Call Me‘ has been on repeat since it dropped back in February, and we are so glad SHINee will give fans an online live concert. We missed seeing these legends on stage the past three years and know this is going to be epic. But just when the concert was drawing nearer, SHINee hit Shawols with more pleasant news. They will come back with a repackage of their 7th album Atlantis on April 12th! The album’s physical release is going to be on April 15th and will add three new songs to the nine previous ones from Don’t Call Me. ‘Atlantis,’ ‘같은 자리 (Area),’ and ‘Days and Years’ are about to blow Shawols away yet again.

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But that’s not all SHINee has in store for fans! The group will perform the title song, ‘Atlantis,’ for the first time at SHINee World, which is going to make this concert extra special. We, here at THP, are wondering what the concept for this comeback is going to be and can’t wait to find out soon. While we already know that ‘Atlantis’ and ‘Don’t Call Me’ are for sure on the online concert’s setlist, we can’t help but daydream about our dream setlist for SHINee World. As the group hasn’t had a concert in years, our list is long, and we hope at least some of these gems make it on the setlist!

‘Body Rhythm’

We think ‘Body Rhythm’ is a necessity for the sanity of Shawols. Since the album dropped, fans have demanded a live stage for this bop, and hopefully, it will make the setlist.

‘Married To The Music’

It’s been a while since ‘Married To The Music’ dropped, but this bop has to be on the setlist if we want to have a good time!


A concert classic that needs to come back! We demand a 2021 version of ‘A-Yo’ since it has been way too long since we heard this classic live.


Their debut song is a given for every SHINee concert, something vital would be missing if ‘Replay’ wasn’t here!


There is a high chance we will finally get to see ‘Undercover’ live at the upcoming concert, there is even choreography for this song already, so, SHINee- give the fans what they want!

‘Love Like Oxygen’

Let’s take it back to SHINee’s first full album and one of their best title tracks, the 2021 version of ‘Love like Oxygen’ is highly demanded and hopefully makes it onto the setlist!


‘JoJo’ in concert is pure and utter fun, hopefully, this year we will get to see this fun song live again, it is definitely on our dream setlist.

‘Good Evening’

 ‘Good Evening’ is one of the three titles of SHINee’s 6th full album, and since we already got the song’s 2021 version on The Ringtone in January, we demand another stage of this bop during this concert!

‘The Reason’

A criminally underperformed song by SHINee, there are only a handful of live stages of this b-side, but we need it in 2021. SHINee give Shawols ‘The Reason’ – we beg!


SHINee’s last comeback before their hiatus in 2018 was with ‘Countless.’ The live stage was revealed during their fan party in 2018. We need to see the stage of this beautiful song again this year, as well!


The thing with SHINee is that even their b-sides are concert-worthy, and ‘Savior’ makes for such a fun stage that we demand it for SHINee World.

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‘Tell Me What To Do’

‘Tell Me What To Do’ is long overdue for a concert stage. We have seen this song performed by the five members on music shows, but a concert version of this is what we need in 2021. It’s on top of our dream setlist!

‘Love Sick’

Odd is probably one of SHINee’s best albums to date, and ‘Love Sick’ is one of its fantastic b-sides. We had to end our dream setlist with this absolute banger of a song!

These 13 songs just have to be on the SHINee World setlist, but of course, we will forgive SHINee if only a couple of them actually make it. Shawols are you ready for April to be the month of new SHINee music? How excited are you about ‘Atlantis?’ What songs are on your dream setlist? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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  • Countless and Love Sick are a must! I’d love to hear any of their older songs, especially b-sides. Maybe it’s too much to hope for but… Odd Eye perhaps? [combusts]

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