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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan ASTRO

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan ASTRO

ASTRO is just about to come back, so your time to stan is now! Their new comeback with their second full album All Yours and title song ‘One’ will drop April 5th. The boys look very alluring, and ‘One’ sounds like it is going to be the new bop for spring! You don’t know anything yet about ASTRO, but you saw the teasers and feel ready to stan? Then keep on reading, we’ve got the perfect introduction to ASTRO for you.

Astro-Reasons To Stan
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ASTRO debuted on February 23rd, 2016 with ‘Hide & Seek,’ and blew fans away with their young and refreshing charms. Since then, the group has had multiple comebacks with singles and albums- each more successful than the last. In the past five years, ASTRO has matured their sound leading up to the new upcoming comeback with ‘One.’

ASTRO consists of six members, JinJin, MJ, Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky, and Sanha. They got their emotional, very first win on January 29th, 2019 with their amazing song ‘All Night.’ The day remains unforgettable for ASTRO and Aroha. Since then, the boys have gotten two more wins, one as ASTRO and the other with ASTRO’s first sub-unit consisting of members Moonbin and Sanha! The duo brought back the groove last year, and we loved it! The boys, as a group, have had Aroha starving for new music though, so their comeback is highly anticipated! We, here at THP are huge Arohas, and if you also would like to join ASTRO’s fandom, but aren’t convinced yet, then we have five amazing reasons for you to stan right here!

Amazing And Versatile Music

ASTRO has an amazing discography, and you will definitely find your new favorite song among it. Our personal favorites are ASTRO’s ballads. The vocal colors and ranges of the group are amazing. Member MJ has even been cast in musicals and slaying the live performances, showing fans all his vocal power. ASTRO debuted with a young, refreshing concept and gave fans a lot of groovy bops. Now they have matured into a more mature and sensual sound. Still, there isn’t a miss in the group’s discography- even their B-sides are unskippable! We promise you, once you dive into ASTRO’s music, you will never come back out of it!

All-Rounder Idols

ASTRO could have easily invented the term all-rounder idols! Is there anything these six boys can’t do? The members are great at rapping, singing, and dancing- but, they are also amazing models, musical actors, and K-drama actors. Their range of what they can do is really vast, and there is always something new you can expect from ASTRO. May it be an amazing dance cover by Rocky, Eunwoo walking at the Seoul fashion week, or Moonbin starring in your next favorite web drama. ASTRO is well-formed and always booked and busy! 

Giving Aroha All The K-Dramas
Astro-Reasons To Stan
Image Source: Fantagio

As we have mentioned before, ASTRO is made up of all-rounder idols, and almost all of them have acted! Cha Eunwoo having probably caught your eye in last year’s True Beauty as Lee Suho. Honestly, how can you not have a tiny crush on this guy? But also other members, like Moonbin, have acted in their fair share of K-dramas, most recently in Mermaid Prince. Member MJ acted in the musical Jamie and is also quite experienced in the art of acting. If you become an Aroha, you not only get new music to enjoy regularly, but you also get to watch the boys act in K-dramas. What is not to love about all the content ASTRO will provide you?

Absolutely Hilarious

We have mentioned various ways that ASTRO will provide you with content. But one of the most important reasons why stanning ASTRO should be on your to-do list is the fact that they are hilarious! People might think that ASTRO members are just looks and musical talent, but they are also quite charming and have a great sense of humor. Member Jinjin even has his own podcast at Dive Studios called Unboxing, and you can just see how funny the group’s leader is. The boys are, of course, the most hilarious when stuck together in a room- your eyes will not be left dry when watching their videos! Eunwoo is even a cast member on the popular show Master In The House- his variety show talents are amazing. That’s why stanning ASTRO will surely brighten your day!

Visuals For Days
Astro-Reasons To Stan
Image Source: Courtesy of DAZED Korea

Now, we don’t want to sound too superficial, but we do enjoy a group that is nice to look at. ASTRO has visuals for days, and the number of photoshoots, CFs, and model gigs they have done proves we aren’t the only ones thinking that. They have been blessed with not only musical talent, but also handsome faces! We, and Aroha, can appreciate their looks and their talent at the same time. If you don’t stan yet, how can you not when faced with these amazing features? You’ll get to enjoy great music and amazing visuals if you stan ASTRO – so join Aroha!

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We can’t get enough of these six guys, and all that comes with stanning them! There are so many more reasons to stan ASTRO, and we could go on and on about them! But, we shall stop for now. So, are you ready to become one of Aroha? Are you already part of Aroha? If so, what’s your favorite ASTRO song? How excited are you for All Yours? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Fantagio Entertainment

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