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The Honey POP’s Top K-Pop Concepts of 2020

The Honey POP’s Top K-Pop Concepts of 2020

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So much stuff has happened in the year 2020. Things that most of us would like to forget, but there were still some things that kept us content and gave us some joy in that wild year. In the world of K-pop in 2020, we were gifted many amazing K-pop concepts. So many that it was hard to narrow down our top choices. Nonetheless, we did, and we’re quite satisfied with how it turned out. So sit back and enjoy as we take you down memory lane of the top K-pop concepts of 2020.


The debut of this sub-unit was everything. With a dynamic and dark concept, Moonbin & Sanha gave us a title track (and album) that shows off their best parts.


A redefying moment in most people’s lives are what happens in their childhood, specifically the friendships made. TXT in ‘Can’t You See Me’ tells us about the turmoils of an ended friendship, while making it an interesting catchy pop track.

TAEMIN – ‘Criminal’

Leading up to the release of ‘Criminal,’ Taemints and Shawols got excited to see what way the plot would go after his previous track. In what was an excellent show of a synth-wave and vocal climbing sound, ‘Criminal’ shows off Taemin’s always dazzling dancing and acting.

A.C.E – ‘Goblin (Favorite Boys)’

Their concept pics blew Choice and really the entire K-pop world out of the water. A.C.E’s ‘Goblin (Favorite Boys)’ brought together perfectly a confidence driven track, with an amazing traditional Korean Culture concept.

Stray Kids – ‘God’s Menu’

With its hidden concept of cooking (or well it’s not so hidden) Stray Kids brings a heavy hip-hop sound to ‘God’s Menu.’ Telling Stays that life and making songs is like cooking, it all takes time.


SEVENTEEN really brought back the theater-style bops that they’re known for with ‘HOME;RUN.’ Not only did it give off heavy musical vibes, but CARATS also got to see a retro heist side to SVT this comeback.


A sequel to track ‘More & More,’ ‘I CAN’T STOP ME’ is about the duality of controlling yourself between both good and evil. TWICE show off an interesting MV with an even more intriguing sound.

CIX – ‘Jungle’

As CIX is trying to fight to get out of the entanglements of the jungle, they are going through each stage of hell, purgatory, and heaven. ‘Jungle,’ inspired by ‘The Divine Comedy’ has a dark and heavier sound with a hint of EDM beats.

NCT 127 – ‘Kick It’

NCT 127 in typical fashion came out with a roundhouse hit of a track. ‘Kick It’ heavily inspired by Martial Arts, is a very hype song, with the group being shown in various cool outfits that made NCTzens swoon.


With an 80’s retro, electro-pop sound, EVERGLOW in ‘La Di Da’ give zero chance for haters to bring them down. An MV that has hints of noir or sin city type looks, it brings the whole concept and amazing track together.

BTS – ‘Life Goes On’

‘Life Goes On’ is a song we needed especially with what’s happening in the world right now. BTS brings us a small comfort, while also perfectly describing the pandemic and showing their view of quarantine without ARMY.

BLACKPINK – ‘Lovesick Girls’

‘Lovesick Girls’ talks about being so painfully in love, that even if it’s bad for you and has the same outcome, you keep going back. The track was the lead single and with that party anthem sound and their acting, we can understand why.

Monsta X – ‘Love Killa’

A track called ‘Love Killa’ in all honestly deserves a movie murderer type of concept, and that’s what MONSTA X gladly gave Monbebes. The members depicted different popular movie killers in this very catchy and attention getting track.


For a year of retro concepts, GFRIEND decided to take a spin with it and add some sorcery. They even added some business/boss women concept pics before the release, which made BUDDY fall in love with what was to be a perfect retro track and MV.

Irene & Seulgi (Red Velvet) – ‘Monster’

‘Monster’ really reached far and wide and was enjoyed by not only ReVeluv but various K-pop fans. In this hit, Irene and Selugi not only show off the monsters they are through the lyrics but also through the striking MV.


GOT7’s ‘NOT BY THE MOON’ was inspired by Shakespeare’s tragedy story, ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ specifically Juliet’s “O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon…” quote. This track shows off their emotional and dedicated sides, while also showing off their vocals.

ITZY – ‘Not Shy’

‘NOT SHY’ shows off ITZY’s oh so confident personalities in this catchy bop. While also showing off their incredible outfits and never-ending spirit to get what they truly want.

Golden Child – ‘ONE (Lucid Dream)’

In what could’ve been straight out of our lucid dreams, Golden Child brings forward a very cinematic showing in their MV. With a heavy bass and EDM sound, ‘ONE (Lucid Dreams)’ has all of us chasing but not yet catching the one who left, but also enjoying this great track.

EXO-SC – ‘1 Billion Views’

The dynamic rapper duo of Chanyeol and Sehun (aka EXO-SC) brought us all those good 80s’ retro vibes with their concept for ‘1 Billion Views.’ With concept photos that were clearly inspired by neon lights and video games, EXO-SC really brought something unique to the table.

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BAEKHYUN – ‘Candy’

In Baekhyun’s track ‘Candy” he brings out a pop meets early 2000s r&b sound, which makes for a great listen. With an retro candy-shop concept for this MV, we can’t get enough of ‘Pop Rocks, strawberry bubblegum.”

KAI – ‘Mmmh’

With an alternative r&b sound behind it, Kai really shows off his vocals and talent. The track, album and performances really help show off what he is known for; his brilliant artistry.


‘Scream’ puts Dreamcatcher right in the middle of a wild witch hunt. InSomnia were immediately entranced by the dark and EDM/rock concept that Dreamcatcher always pulls off so well.

THE BOYZ – ‘The Stealer’

In an attempt to steal the hearts of every single person, The Boyz successfully pulled off this thief concept with ‘The Stealer.’ Proving they can undoubtedly pull off anything, especially a heist.


While referencing the popular Hamlet quote “To be or not to be…” and switching between the two with a darker and lighter sound and image. ONEUS really made us think back to the story of Hamlet as they beautifully show off the two stories of life and death.

Well there you have it, The Honey POP’s Top K-Pop Concepts from 2020! Wait, but before you go, we have a gift for you. See below for your very own Spotify playlist, enjoy!

So, what do you think about our list? Which ones were your favorite? What were some of your other favorite K-Pop concepts from 2020? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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