Here Are 5 ‘Black Mamba’ Stages To Celebrate Another aespa Milestone

Here Are 5 ‘Black Mamba’ Stages To Celebrate Another aespa Milestone

aespa is SM’s newest girl group, and they keep making waves with their debut! The girls seem to be set up perfectly for a successful career already. At first, aespa’s music video for ‘Black Mamba’ was the most-viewed debut music video within its first 24 hours. As of January 8th, the video is the fastest debut video to hit 100 million views in K-pop history. Congratulations aespa, you are doing amazing!

We were absolutely delighted to hear that our ‘Black Mamba’ music video reached more than 100 million views. It’s very meaningful to have achieved this with our debut song. We’d like to thank all our fans for their incredible love and support. In 2021, we’ll continue to bring great music and bright energy and we hope everyone looks forward to it!


We here at The Honey POP are proud to see these girls achieve such amazing things right after their debut. To celebrate aespa, we thought it was the perfect moment to look back at our favorite ‘Black Mamba’ stages!

The Debut Stage – November 11th, 2020

No other stage hits quite as this one does, and to see the ae-members of aespa join them is amazing!

Music Bank – November 20th, 2020

We loved everything about this stage performance, the stage setup, and those glittery outfits. aespa truly never disappoints!

Music Bank – December 11th, 2020

Now, the stage setup might have been simple, but the girls’ black, glitter outfits make up for everything else.

The Dance Practice Version

You won’t be able to see aespa’s dance lines better anywhere else. The dance practice version of ‘Black Mamba’ shows how sharp this choreography is!

The Show – December 8th, 2020

There is just something about these four girls, in these blue outfits, that make this The Show performance feel extra special!

As ‘Black Mamba’ was a welcome surprise at the end of the year, we are excited to see what is next for aespa. We, for one, are excited! So, what was your favorite ‘Black Mamba’ stage? Who is your aespa bias? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

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