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5 Of Yoo Karina’s Most Iconic Lines

5 Of Yoo Karina’s Most Iconic Lines

From singing to rapping, Yoo Karina of aespa is undoubtedly one of the most talented 4th generation K-Pop idols. She has such a captivating stage presence and way of delivering different lyrics! It’s no wonder why she’s the main leader of aespa. Let’s take a look at some of her most iconic lyrics, including songs from both aespa and GOT The Beat!

“I’m addicted, endlessly talking to me, my aespa…”

Karina showed off her power from the day aespa debuted with ‘Black Mamba.’ The opening line to the song was simply fierce and started teasing the ae lore – each member of aespa has a virtual avatar friend, who gets trapped by the ‘Black Mamba’ computer virus.

“That’s my naevis, it’s my naevis, you lead, we follow…”

As the mythical being known as Naevis guides aespa to find their ae friends, Karina triumphantly jumps right in with this line on ‘Next Level.’ It made us feel like we were in Kwangya with them, helping them track down the ae members! 

“Karina, rocket puncher…”

On ‘ænergy,’ each member of aespa unveils their superpower that will let them fight off Black Mamba, and for Karina, it’s a powerful arm that she can punch with! Her enunciation of this line just oozes confidence and power, so of course, we had to include it. 

“Defeating a subtle alienation and making me drift apart from my ae, your satisfying trick…”

We’re sure most MY would agree that ‘Savage’ includes one of Karina’s best raps, and this lyric pretty much sums up the appeal of her incredible verse on the song. In every performance of ‘Savage’ so far, Karina totally commands the stage when she delivers this line!

“True or not, the world still goes around without you, around…”

Karina is definitely one of the shining stars on GOT The Beat’s ‘Step Back,’ a track all about telling someone to leave your partner alone if they get too flirty. The rhythm of this lyric is so fast-paced, and Karina manages to keep up perfectly.

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Which of these Karina lines is your favorite? Is there another iconic aespa lyric you wish Karina sang? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And to get more aespa content without having to travel to the Flat or Kwangya, click here


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