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Here Are 6 Things To Do With Your K-Pop Photocards

Here Are 6 Things To Do With Your K-Pop Photocards

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of opening a brand new K-Pop album and seeing all the amazing inclusions you get inside! But what happens after that, when you’re bombarded by 4597340589 of the cutest little pieces of paper you’ve ever seen? Where do you put them? Do you just hide them in a binder forever? So many questions!

We at THP have been there, and over time, we’ve figured out some pretty fun ways to display and use your collection. Here are six ways you can have fun with your photocards – happy collecting!

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Set Up A Collect Book

Probably the most popular option for collectors, a collect book is a space-efficient way to store a bunch of photocards at once! You can throw all your cards in one book, sort by group, keep polaroid cards separate, or even have a special binder for your bias. Some of our favorite designs are this mini bear book and this minimal pink binder, which comes with stickers to decorate it!

Make sure to look at the book details before you add your collection, though – if the pages aren’t PVC-free, you’ll want to sleeve your cards first to protect them! You can pick up clean, clear sleeves or add a little sparkle with fun holographic sleeves

Add Them To A Frame

If you wanna display your photocards instead of just putting them away somewhere, a frame is the perfect choice! You can go for a sleeker look with an acrylic frame or get more playful with colorful, magnetic frames. These are especially adorable if you have a Lucky Draw card or won a signed photocard!

Decorate Toploaders

Another sweet way to display your collection is with decorated toploaders, which you can buy premade in fandom circles on socials or make on your own! You can pick up a pack of toploaders, some colorful stickers, and even beads, then put your favorite card in the loader and get to deco’ing. 

Take Cute Collection Pictures

Sometimes all you wanna do is show off a certain card you worked hard to find, or how two of your ult biases did the same pose in their cards, or just how pretty your collection is. And that’s valid! There are entire communities of collectors on socials who post pictures of their collections to share with fans who get it. 

A lot of collectors who post will arrange their photocards into a grid, then add some extras like posters, other inclusions, or even bright holder keychains. If you have dupes of certain cards, you can use the backs to add some more interesting fillers around the main cards you wanna show off. Not gonna lie, we get sucked into the collection photo rabbit hole so easily whenever we hop on Instagram! They’re all just so gorgeous…

Put One In Your Phone Case

Because who wouldn’t want to bring their bias everywhere? One of the easiest ways to add some hallyu charm to your day (and maybe find fellow K-Pop fans in public) is to add a photocard to your phone case! Whether you just have a clear case or one of those fancy ones with a photocard slot, this is such a fun way to show love to your favorite artists while also getting some practical use out of your collection. Just make sure you sleeve the card so it stays safe!

Trade Them With Other Collectors

Got dupes? Just wanna collect a certain member? You’ll want to look at some WTT (Want To Trade) tags on socials! For example, if you got an aespa Karina card you want to swap for a Ningning, you can search up #aespawtt on Instagram to find fellow MYs looking to trade their pulls. 

Most traders pack up their photocards in a toploader, then put it in a greeting card that they send to the other collector. Some even add homemade photocards or stickers as freebies! You can check out videos of traders and sellers packing photocard orders for some cute inspo. 

Now we wanna hear from you! What are your favorite ways to display your collection? Do you have a collecting account on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more K-Pop content you’ll love, click here.

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