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6 Amazon Must-Haves For Your K-Pop Deco Sessions

6 Amazon Must-Haves For Your K-Pop Deco Sessions

We’ve all been there: scrolling through your FYP when suddenly, you stumble upon the most amazing photocard deco you’ve seen in your life. Everything else pales in comparison. You look at your own K-Pop shelf and feel a deep sense of shame and regret… okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. But it can really shake your view of your collection when you see someone else’s stellar deco!

Don’t worry, though, honeybees. We rounded up some of the best deco products you can find on Amazon, so you can get your collection in tip-top shape or have a little deco session with your K-Pop besties! You’ll definitely wanna flex these on your collection account… 

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Of course, you need photo cards to make deco items for, so grab your collections! You can get your album cards, POBs, or Polaroids – but if you don’t have anything official or want more variety, you can always stock up on lomo cards. They’re unofficial photocards that are much cheaper and come in big packs! Amazon has cards for everyone from Stray Kids and IVE to LE SSERAFIM and ATEEZ, so you’re guaranteed to find a set for your fave. 

Cute Stickers

Come on, who doesn’t love stickers? If you spend any time on K-Pop Instagram or TikTok, you’ve probably seen the most adorable deco with layers upon layers of the coolest stickers in existence. And thanks to the magic of the world wide web, you can get your own in all different styles. Some of our faves include hearts and butterflies, glitter detail stickers, and of course, those classic ribbon designs that you see all over Instagram. You could even get creative and connect it to a group’s aesthetic – for example, you could use whale and jellyfish stickers for NMIXX to match their lightstick and Ad Mare photoshoot concept. 

And since stickers are so versatile, you can really put them on anything… ideas are incoming!


There’s a reason toploaders are one of the most popular items to deco – they’re firm and flat while also keeping your cards safe! And since they’re usually bigger than a photocard, there’s room to make cute borders and frames around your cards. Whether you’ll be trading or you just want to deco a cute shield for your photocard, you should definitely pick up a pack of toploaders.


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♬ original sound – b3adbun 🐰🍧🫧

Card Sleeves

Yup, sleeves aren’t only to protect your cards! You can also decorate your sleeves like you would a toploader – they’re cheaper, so it’d feel like less of a risk for those of you who worry about messing up a toploader deco, and you can slide them into your binder to spice up your collection pages. Grab some of those stickers from earlier and have fun decorating plain, colored, or even holographic sleeves!

Decoden Cream

If you were one of those people who wanted nothing more than a decoden phone case when you were 12 (relatable), then there’s a decent chance you’re a K-Pop fan now. And you can live out your decoden dreams on a toploader! There are plenty of decoden cream sets that come with different nozzles for different textures, and you can even get cute charms to add. 

A Fun Binder

At the end of your deco session, your photocards need a home! The perfect binder will give you enough space to store them while also giving you a little extra space to decorate, because why not? Some cute options are a composition notebook design, a checkerboard look, and a clear one with an extra slot for your favorite card on the cover. Bonus points if you’re using your decorated sleeves!

Which of these products did you add to your cart? Have you done any deco lately? Be sure to show us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more of the sweetest K-Pop content around, click here

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