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5 Reasons Why We Wanna Be Besties With aespa’s Ningning

5 Reasons Why We Wanna Be Besties With aespa’s Ningning

Where would we as a society be without Ning Yizhou, better known as Ningning of aespa? Our days would definitely be sadder and our playlists missing one of our favorite voices in the world. So we’re grateful to have Ningning in our lives every day!

But there’s one thing that would make us even happier when it comes to Ningning: being her best friend. Let’s head into a fantasy land for a bit and imagine what it’d be like to be besties with her!

She’d Have The Coolest Hangout Ideas

No matter where you go with Ningning, one thing would be guaranteed: you’d never be bored. When each of the aespa girls did their own SYNK TIME vlog, Ning decided to spend hers painting shoes and showing off her art skills! It was such a creative idea and we were amazed the whole time. If you’re artsy yourself, you’d definitely have a ton of DIY sessions with her.

Her Poses Are Model-Worthy

There’s nothing quite like taking pictures with your friends to capture a moment you want to remember, especially if that friend was Ningning. She’s an expert at posing for the most dynamic shots, and she’d teach you all her tricks! Prop your phone up, turn on self-timer, and she’ll get you ready for your photo opp.

She’s So Hard-Working

Ningning has been performing since she was a child, and even before debuting with aespa, she blew us away as a member of SM Rookies and with performances like her cover of Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep.’ With that much motivation and drive, her ambitious energy would definitely rub off on you! She’d push you to reach your goals and cheer you on constantly.

Her Unique Sense Of Style

Get ready for the best dress-up slumber parties to ever exist, because if any piece from Ningning’s closet is involved, your outfit is gonna be incredible. From casual to edgy, she’d always be giving you new ideas for styles you should try and picking up unique pieces from thrift stores when she travels.

She Stays Positive

Feeling down or insecure? Ningning would always be just a text away to boost you right back up! One of the things we most admire about Ning is how upbeat she is, and she’d definitely make sure to look out for you to make sure you stay in a good mood as well. But let’s be real, how could anyone be in a bad mood around her??

What are your favorite things about Ningning? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more aespa content, click here.


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