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Music Rewind 2022: 5SOS Cause Many ‘Emotions’

Music Rewind 2022: 5SOS Cause Many ‘Emotions’

Every year that 5SOS put out an album is a good year for us, but this year just hits different. A world tour, special shows, an album, and even unique side ventures, they really gave their all in 2022! But, before we put ‘Bleach’ in the hallways of our lives to start over in the new year, let’s look back at 2022 through the eyes of the 5SOSFam because, you know, 5SOS took over our whole personality like usual. 

Take My Hand Tour

5SOS started 2022 looking forward to a tour, especially after it was pushed back multiple times due to the pandemic. But boy, was the wait worth it! With a bop-filled setlist, the band took us through numerous ‘Emotions’ and 5 Seconds of Summer eras with the Take My Hand Tour. Through soundchecks and setlists, fans heard ‘Girls Talk Boys,’ ‘Disconnected,’ and even the infamous ‘Pizza.’ The TMH Tour also gave us some 5SOS5 tracks before the album came out, like ‘Blender,’ whose accompanying music video is concert footage from the first times it was played live. This tour also brought a lot of tracks from the band’s 4th studio album, CALM, to life (and, yes, ‘Wildflower’ live is even better than the studio version, who knew that was even possible)!

Saying we’ve been “stressed and depressed” since the Take My Hand Tour ended is an understatement. It’s almost like the band dropped ‘Blender’ to prepare us for the post-concert depression. 

5SOS5: The Singles

The singles that emerged before 5SOS5 was released showed music lovers the flawless blend of genres and sounds that 5 Seconds of Summer effortlessly jump between in their music. Offering a little something for everyone ‘COMPLETE MESS,‘Take My Hand,‘Me Myself & I,’ ‘Blender,’ and ‘Older’ gave us lyrical genius, rock influences, sick beats, and overall bops for our playlists!

‘The Feeling of Falling Upwards: Live from Royal Albert Hall’

5SOS really said we’re going all out for 5SOS5, and we are not complaining one bit. The band performed tracks from their new album and some fan favorites the night before the release to a sold-out crowd in London’s Royal Albert Hall. Always thinking of their fans, the band also sold tickets to a live stream of the show for all those that couldn’t make the one-night-only performance! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, 5SOS performed with a live orchestra and choir! Talk about taking their songs to another level! To add a little spice to the show, we also got a special guest performance from Sierra Deaton to accompany the band on ‘Older.’ 

5SOS has been feeding the fam so well, especially in the nostalgia category, and ONO didn’t prove any less, as they brought back ‘Outer Space’ and ‘Carry On!’ We know, we couldn’t believe our ears either!

5SOS5: The Fifth Studio Album

Who says only your debut album should be self-titled? Definitely not 5SOS, as they somehow managed to have three self-titled studio albums, technically. 5SOS set out to break all the rules this year by naming their fifth studio album, 5SOS5, which follows their 4th album CALM (an acronym for the band members’ first names), and their debut album, 5 Seconds of Summer. 

Not only was this the band’s first independently released album, but 5SOS’s very own Michael Clifford produced most of it, making it extra special! 5SOS5 falls right into the band’s genre-bending and ever-evolving nature. Pushing past boundaries, opinions, and limitations, 5SOS showed out with this album. Another treat on 5SOS5 was the features! We rarely get features in 5SOSfam land, but when we do, it’s the perfect compliment to Ashton, Luke, Calum, and Michael’s distinctive vocals. This album gave us two extra voices: Elijah Noll on ‘TEARS!’ and Sierra Deaton on ‘Older.’

This 5th album hit number 1 on the top album sales chart ( like usual) and received over 36K in physical sales in its first week, leading to 5SOS’s best vinyl sales of their career. 

5SOS5 showed how diverse a band 5SOS could be, and they outdid themselves with this one. How they’re going to top it, we have yet to learn ( but it’s 5SOS, so of course, we’ll be blown away again soon)! 

‘Bad Omens’ 

Yes, ‘Bad Omens’ is receiving its own paragraph. It’s just that good. Not only is the song a straight bop, but the music video accompanying it has some facets that make us love 5SOS even more! Offering drama and metaphor-filled visuals, the video was shot in Ukraine and was the first international video shoot in the country since the war began. Directed by Ukrainian directors Danny Mitri and Alyona Shchasnaia, the video helps to paint out the toxic love story unfolding in the lyrics. 

Clubhouse Candle Co.

What sets the perfect vibe for any activity? Candles. Especially with the plethora of scents available! And Ashton Irwin gave us three more scents to choose from with his creation of Clubhouse Candle Co. 

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Offering The Clubhouse, Broad Beach, and Beautiful Night, Ashton dived into the lifestyle industry, and with the way these smell, we hope he stays in this space and develops even more scents, candles, and products to help us set the ultimate vibes. 

Like we said earlier, a year with a new 5SOS album is never a disappointment and this band never ceases to amaze us with their music, actions, and even new business ventures!

So, we can all agree that 5 Seconds of Summer really took 2022 by the reins and gave the 5SOSFam their all right? If we could relieve 2022 just to experience these 5SOS moments again, we’d do so in a heartbeat! What was your favorite 5SOS moment of 2022? Do you have any amazing TMH Tour videos to share? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet @TheHoneyPOP! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

Want more 5SOS? Well, aren’t you in luck!


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