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5 Times 5 Seconds Of Summer Made Us Proud To Be 5SOS Fam

5 Times 5 Seconds Of Summer Made Us Proud To Be 5SOS Fam

When four lanky Australian teenagers Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, and Ashton Irwin decided to form the band we now all know and love, 5 Seconds Of Summer. Over ten years ago no one expected them to break the records that they have so far. They went from being an opening act for sold-out shows for British/ Irish boy band One Direction to selling-out shows of their own, and we could not be more proud. It is so hard to pick, but here are 5 times, in no particular order, that 5 Seconds Of Summer made us proud to be 5SOS Fam.

1. When they created an anniversary show to celebrate their 10 years of being a band:

On December 3rd, 2011, 5 Seconds Of Summer performed together for the first time and we have never been so happy. That was the day that not only changed their lives but the lives of the 5SOS Fam forever. Then on December 3rd, 2021, they took the stage again to celebrate 10 years of being a band. They created ‘The 5 Seconds Of Summer Show– A 10-Year Celebration’ and put their hearts into a show that celebrated their 10 years together. Heck, they even wrote a song about going back to 2011 to remember this anniversary and remind fans where they came from and where they are gonna go. What other band would do that??

Image Source: Official 5 Seconds Of Summer Instagram
2. They sold out Madison Square Garden in 2016!!!:

With two number-one albums out and the DAY BEFORE Luke’s birthday, these four boys played a SOLD-OUT show at the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden. Selling out MSG at any point in your career is a MAJOR accomplishment, but to sell out MSG MSG when you are 5 years into your career riding on the back of not one but two number-one albums in those 5 years just adds to the pride we feel being in the 5SOS Fam.

Image Source: Official Luke Hemmings Instagram
3. They include and interact with their fans in everything they do:

5SOS truly want to include their fans in EVERYTHING. From when they filmed their video for ‘Jet Black Heart’ to when they asked fans to submit stories about their lives and featured them in the video to when they started to tease that ‘Complete Mess’ was coming out by mailing some fans a magazine that when it was opened it gave them a two-page spread that said “Complete Mess” with March 2 being where a page number would be. They created an email account for fans so they could connect with them, and even blended their problems away on TikTok. We can say that 5SOS are just as proud of their fans as we are of them!

Image Source: Official 5 Seconds Of Summer Instagram
4. They aren’t afraid of collaboration:

From Charlie Puth and OneOKRock, to The Chainsmokers 5SOS have never been afraid to collaborate with artists who have different musical styles than them. They not only lent their voices to some pretty AMAZING music, but they introduced the 5SOS fam to some new artists that they may not have listened to or heard of before that. 

5. They reached number one with all 5 of their albums in their home country Australia:

We think that the thing that fills us with even more pride than all of the others on this list is that they debuted at number 1 with ALL of their albums in Australia. This is such an accomplishment for them because they worked so hard on all of their albums and to see them hit number 1 in their home country with all of their albums just fills us with such a sense of pride for them. Along with a sense of pride for being 5SOS Fam because without each other we would not have gotten to see them hit that milestone. 

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Image Source: Official Aria Charts Instagram

Do you have any moments that really made you proud to be part of the 5SOS Fam? Do you like our choices? Leave a comment or tweet us @thehoneypop and let us know!

Image Source: Gia Gambardella


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