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5SOS Has Done It Again And We’re A ‘Complete Mess’

5SOS Has Done It Again And We’re A ‘Complete Mess’

It was only December that 5 Seconds of Summer celebrated their 10th anniversary and gifted us with a brilliant program and single proving that after ten years, they still know how to treat their fans. So, it’s no real surprise that here in 2022 — a short four months later — ‘Complete Mess’ has arrived and left us … well … a complete mess. Let’s be honest!

But, as well as 5SOS are known for treating their fans, they’re also known for surprising them. And, none of us were prepared for their latest single. And by unprepared, we literally mean that we’ve been lying in the middle of our bedroom floor Lilo & Stitch style, staring at the ceiling and questioning our life’s choices.

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Image Source: Disney’s Lilo & Stitch via Tenor

Everyone who has been screaming into the abyss for solos from Michael and Calum and ‘2011‘ wasn’t enough to feed your appetite, fear not. This song is the one. And, of course, Luke sounds like a god as usual on main vocals. The only thing we’re really missing here is Ashton vocals (when aren’t we?), but we get it. Some kings need to save their breath for killer drums.

Image Source: SNL skit of Stewart Smalley via Tenor

But the vocals we do get? Chef’s kiss, besties. If Youngblood and CALM had a baby, it would be ‘Complete Mess.’ It’s the perfect blend of the past two eras for 5SOS, pouring out heartbreak and melodies like they forgot their fans are invested emotionally and about to be OBLITERATED. Let’s just say Youngblood and CALM should have more babies. And more and more and more. And, if this is an indication of what we can expect from 5SOS5, we’re going to all end up having babies, because, like CLAM, it’s guaranteed to get us pregnant

5SOS Complete Mess
Image Source: 5 Seconds of Summer Show on YouTube

And speaking of pregnancy cravings, we got fed a little more when the band told us what to expect from the new album. Don’t ask us when, though. When we asked, all we were told was “SOON” (ifykyk) 😭

For this record we realized if you want something done that truly represents how you feel, you’ve got to do it yourselves. We wanted that expansive sound that we naturally gravitate towards when we play together, so we had to learn how to record that. This new music is so authentically us. It’s exactly the kind of music we want to be making right now and it’s a good song to be able to reconnect to our fans after such a long time of not releasing music. We can’t wait for everyone to hear what we’ve been working on.

5 Seconds of Summer on their upcoming fifth album release

So what do we do now? Besides stream the song and wait impatiently for the album to drop? I mean … that’s it. That’s the answer. It’s time to stream. And lucky for you we have all the links to help you find it on whatever platform you want to get pregnant on. All you need to do is click here or stream the video down below! And then join us in the pit, because besties, the Australian fab-four are going on tour.

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And then, tweet us — send us a Facebook message — tag us on Instagram — or even @ us on our Discord server — and let us know exactly how much of a mess 5SOS has made of you. We can cry together. We’ll call it bonding. It’s fine.


Desperate for more 5SOS content while we wait for the new album to come out? Us too.

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