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9 Songs To Get You Hyped For GOT The Beat’s Stamp On It

9 Songs To Get You Hyped For GOT The Beat’s Stamp On It

Think about some of the fiercest ladies in K-Pop, no matter what generation they debuted in. No matter who you thought of, there’s a decent chance that they’re now in SM Entertainment’s GOT The Beat supergroup! GOT The Beat is part of SM’s new Girls On Top project, which brings together some of their biggest stars for incredible songs we’ll never forget – this rendition includes soloist BoA, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and Taeyeon, Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Wendy, and aespa’s Karina and Winter.

We got our first serving of GOT The Beat’s power with ‘Step Back’ in early 2022, but they’re now gearing up to release their first mini-album, Stamp On It! We can’t wait until the project is ours on January 16th, but until then, we’ll be listening to some of these talented girls’ past work to get excited. Wanna join in? Here are some songs that will definitely keep you entertained while we wait! Make sure you pre-order Stamp On It right here, then let’s dive in…

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GOT The Beat – ‘Step Back’

Of course, we have to start with GOT The Beat’s debut single, ‘Step Back!’ This track really set the tone for the confident energy we’re gonna be getting from the group, and we’re still not quite over Taeyeon’s high note from the bridge. It came out towards the beginning of 2022, but definitely remained a staple on all our playlists and reigned as one of our favorite releases of the year.

BoA – ‘Girls On Top’

You can pretty much consider BoA the First Lady of SM Entertainment – she was the first female soloist they signed and the second female artist overall, after the group S.E.S. debuted in 1997. So it makes sense that the Girls On Top project is named after her 2005 song of the same name! It’s an empowering track that sees BoA proclaiming, “I have all the dreams to change the whole world.”

Red Velvet – ‘Birthday’

Seulgi and Wendy are two of the five main slayers in Red Velvet, and they’ve been shining so much in the ‘Birthday’ era! This song has such a unique beat, much like GOT The Beat’s ‘Step Back’ does, and it includes so many fun nods to Red Velvet’s past hits like ‘Ice Cream Cake.’ It’s impossible not to feel energized while you listen to ‘Birthday!’

Taeyeon – ‘INVU’

Taeyeon’s silky vocals deserve an equally elegant backing, and that’s exactly what happened with the smash that is ‘INVU.’ It has a dreamy pop sound that matches her energy so well, and she looks like an absolute goddess in the visuals. Every moment is so lush and captivating! This track was one for the history books.

aespa – ‘Girls’

Few songs can hype us up quite like the anthem that is aespa’s ‘Girls!’ The song’s storyline sees them confronting and defeating the villain they’ve been challenging since their 2020 debut with ‘Black Mamba,’ making it the perfect track to listen to when you need a little motivational boost. When they exclaimed, “we them girls,” they meant it!


It’s been out for months, but we’re still processing HYO’s triumphant single ‘DEEP!’ It’s such a creative fusion of EDM and dark pop that uses the struggle between a predator and its prey as a metaphor for the push-and-pull of a relationship. There’s nothing about this song that we don’t like, and we’ve only grown to love it even more with every listen.

Max Changmin, Taeyeon, & Winter – ‘Priority’

As one of the standout tracks on the 2022 SMCU Palace collab album, ‘Priority’ highlights the best parts of Taeyeon and Winter’s vocals and teams them up with the incredible Max Changmin of TVXQ. Winter’s lighter, gentle tone and Taeyeon’s fluid, strong vocals mesh in such a beautiful way! We’d love to see GOT The Beat perform a mid-tempo song like this.

Seulgi – ’28 Reasons’

We know we’ve talked about the masterpiece that is ’28 Reasons’ time and time again, but Seulgi deserves that much recognition for her recent solo debut. It’s such a fresh concept, exploring how we all have both good and evil inside of us, and there was a time when it was absolutely inescapable on our TikTok FYP.

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GOT The Beat – ‘Stamp On It’

Okay, so we don’t have ‘Stamp On It’ on streaming services yet, but we do have a little preview thanks to SM Entertainment’s 2023 SMTOWN LIVE : SMCU PALACE@KWANGYA concert that aired on New Year’s! It’s giving 2000s girl-group energy in the best way possible, and we’ve had that “baby, baby, baby, baby” running in our heads every single day of 2023 so far.

Can you believe there are this many mind-blowingly talented artists in one group?! We can’t, but we’re so happy that BoA, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, Seulgi, Wendy, Karina, and Winter have come together as GOT The Beat. We’ve stamped the release day for their first mini-album on our calendars, and we know Stamp On It will be one of the best K-Pop releases of the year. Make sure you pre-order it right here!

How excited are you for GOT The Beat’s first comeback? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more K-Pop content to keep you occupied until January 16th, click here.

Image Source: SM Entertainment


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