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Our Love For HYO Runs ‘Deep,’ Especially With Her First Mini-Album

Our Love For HYO Runs ‘Deep,’ Especially With Her First Mini-Album

From Girls’ Generation to GOT The Beat, HYO has been stealing our hearts for years, but she may have outdone herself with DEEP, her first solo mini-album. The project includes the punchy title track ‘DEEP’ along with some of our favorite hits Hyoyeon has already released, such as ‘DESSERT’ and ‘Second.’ It even has features from artists like BIBI and Soyeon of (G)I-DLE! 

We had high hopes going into this EP and we definitely weren’t disappointed. Let’s take a closer look at DEEP and how HYO makes it so amazing!


The mini-album kicks off with its thrilling title track, which compares a back-and-forth relationship to the battle between prey and predator, as a trap beat highlights the dangerous feelings present. Its music video is just as thrilling and gives us such cool sci-fi, horror vibes! It’s full of webs and CGI spiders to bring the song’s primal hunter theme to life. It unlocks the bad*ss side of HYO that we’ve always loved.

“On a knife’s edge
Staring each other down
You better watch out…”


‘Stupid’ is another hard-hitting pop anthem that sees HYO making fun of what people say about her, all while proving her staying power in the industry and her overall confidence. She shrugs off their criticism before spinning it back on them, saying “you stupid, too.” We love a little petty moment!

“If you’re going to tell me, you can do it
I’ll do whatever I like
What, oh, yeah, all pass
Haters say I’m just stupid…”

‘Second’ Feat. BIBI

‘Second’ has been one of our favorite HYO songs since it came out back in August 2021 – it’s the perfect boppy summer anthem! Add BIBI to the mix and it’s even more iconic than before. This track adds such a fun, bubbly vibe to the mini-album that’s just in time for the warm weather. We also have to give an honorary shoutout to HYO’s live version of the song with Giselle from aespa, just because.

“We’ve been running without a break, just a second
Today will never come again, take a second…”


Another Deep song that we’ve gotten to know and love already is ‘DESSERT,’ which had everyone talking back in 2020. This sleek party anthem sees HYO teaming up with Loopy and JEON SOYEON of (G)I-DLE for the ultimate flex session, letting them brag about their accomplishments and the fact that they deserve the world. This collab proves they do deserve the world and they can get the entire planet dancing.

“Look at me, I’m your queen
With great satisfaction
Until I like it that much
Some more cake in my hands…”


Despite its name, there’s nothing bad about ‘Badster.’ We’d even argue that it’s one of Hyoyeon’s best songs to date! It’s another oldie but goodie that we were so excited to make the DEEP tracklist. This banger draws from HYO’s EDM side with some buzzing guitars that help keep the energy up and make the song something fresh.

“Know I’m dangerous
But you like my style
I’ma fire it up ‘til we reach the sky…”

‘Punk Right Now’ Feat. 3LAU

Right now, all we wanna do is gush about the high energy on ‘Punk Right Now’ and what a smart choice it was for HYO to team up with 3LAU. The vibes are simply immaculate on this EDM jam and we can’t help but dance along! It’s been three and a half years and we’re still just as in love with this song as we were the first time we heard it.

“I do as I please and it’s easy as breathing
I don’t need a boss
I don’t need a cause
I don’t need a reason…”

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‘Sober’ Feat. Ummet Ozcan

The final masterpiece on DEEP is the slick pop track ‘Sober,’ which is a great option for fans of songs like Nico & Vinz’s ‘Am I Wrong’ and Maroon 5’s ‘Maps,’ with a little electronic moment on the chorus! Hyoyeon’s vocals sound so smooth and the production by Dutch DJ Ummet Ozcan is the icing on the cake.

“I ain’t looking, right now ain’t looking for love
But I might be feeling some kinda way tomorrow
Tonight I’m doing all of the things that I want
I better be going, but if you want tomorrow…”

We’re blown away by every song on DEEP and we’ll definitely have these songs in our rotation for a while. So what’s next for HYO? Later this year, she’ll be reuniting with Girls’ Generation for their first full-group project in five years to commemorate their 15th anniversary. We’re so glad we’ll have this mini-album to keep us entertained while we wait!

What’s your favorite track on DEEP? How did you like the ‘DEEP’ music video? Tell us all about your thoughts in the comments below or buzz on over to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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