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YUNGBLUD Re-Introduces Himself With His Third Album: Here’s Everything We Know About YUNGBLUD

YUNGBLUD Re-Introduces Himself With His Third Album: Here’s Everything We Know About YUNGBLUD

YUNGBLUD is constantly pouring everything he has into his music, but we feel it in our bones that his third album will be his most eye-opening. The aptly-named YUNGBLUD will dive deeper into his story than ever before, and we’ve already set up countdowns on our phones as we count the days until we get to hear it. No matter what Dom has up his sleeve this era, we’ll surely fall in love with it! Here’s a little recap of everything we’ve learned about the album so far.

We’re screaming with excitement…

The Release

Black Hearts Club, we officially have a release day… September 2nd! And, of course, Dom made announcing that date an event. He took us on a trip to the tattoo shop with him to get what he called “the manifesto of me” inked on his ribcage. The tattoo reads, “Never compromise, imperfection is perfection, embrace the strange, never judge, tell the truth, pink socks, beer, move.”

All YUNGBLUD fans know how much Dom loves wearing pink socks, so it’s no surprise that he included them in his self-statement. He even wore them during the gloomy album photoshoot, adding a pop of color to the dark imagery:

Image Source: Tom Pallant

The Tracklist

While we don’t have a proper tracklist, we do have an idea of what songs will make the album! Dom’s latest singles, ‘The Funeral’ and ‘Memories’ feat. WILLOW will almost definitely make the cut, which we’re grateful for – iTunes currently lists ‘The Funeral’ as the first track and ‘Memories’ as the third.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like his August 2021 track ‘fleabag’ will be on the album, so please join us in trending #JusticeForFleabag on Twitter next time you’re online.

The Themes

Much of Dom’s work so far has taken him outside of his own body – for example, the rousing ‘mars’ touches on a story that a trans fan told him at a show, while ‘Polygraph Eyes’ speaks out about sexual violence against women. But this time, he’s turning inward and really letting us know who he is, hence the album name YUNGBLUD

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He told SPIN earlier this year, “This album is my story. This is who I am. All my albums have been about society and other people. This album’s about me.”

And Now, We Wait…

What are you hoping to hear on YUNGBLUD? Have you pre-ordered and pre-saved it here yet? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more YUNGBLUD content to keep you occupied until September, click here.


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