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3 YUNGBLUD Songs That Went From Unreleased Fan Faves To Hits

3 YUNGBLUD Songs That Went From Unreleased Fan Faves To Hits

You know that feeling when your fave has been teasing a song forever and you’re kind of losing it trying to figure out when you’ll finally be able to add it to all your Spotify playlists and your iTunes library? YUNGBLUD is kind of a pro when it comes to that. He’s constantly shaking up the Black Hearts Club with live performances of songs we’ve never heard, and while it feels like torture when we’re waiting, it makes it all the more rewarding when we finally get to hear the studio versions.

Let’s take a look at some of our formerly-unreleased faves that eventually got the official release treatment they deserved! Take a seat, because we might be gushing over Dom’s talent for a while…

‘The Emperor’

Let’s start with the latest YUNGBLUD single, the high-octane ‘The Emperor!’ He’s been hanging this one over our heads for a while – he first played it live in 2019, and we’ve been clamoring to hear it ever since. Lyrically and sonically, this one goes off. It’s full of hope and optimism in the face of negativity and fear, which is part of what made the Black Hearts Club resonate with it so much.

I wrote this song when I was seventeen, it was just an outburst of unfiltered energy that I knew would have its moment one day. I played it live for years but never found the right time to release it until now.


And right now, we’re prouder of Dom than ever. ‘The Emperor’ will be this year’s theme song for ESPN’s college football games, meaning it will reach even more people who could use its positive message! This song has already helped so many members of the BHC, and now it’ll help people even outside of YUNGBLUD’s usual demographic.

“The sun’s gonna shine today, so don’t worry
I know everything will be okay
Wipe off your face and stop running…”

‘ice cream man’

Dom started playing ‘ice cream man’ live in 2019, and it took a fair bit of convincing before he listened to the BHC and added it to the tracklist of weird! in December 2020. This song is all about standing up to what’s standing in the way of your dreams, all while feeling alone and wondering how the people you’re closest to really feel about you. It’s a classic YUNGBLUD track that makes listeners feel less lonely in what they’re going through and encourages them to make strides towards the life they want. On top of that, it’s just a straight-up bop!

“I’m sitting on my own again, wondering what all my friends did last night
They think that I hate them because I haven’t sent ’em a text in two days…”


Finally, we get to the energetic ‘fleabag,’ which Dom played at his intimate Whisky A Go Go show in June 2021! We only had to wait a little while after the concert to hear the studio version, but that’s basically a lifetime in BHC years. But even though that wait was kinda brutal, we’d do it over and over again if we keep getting masterpieces like ‘fleabag.’ For anyone who feels unlovable, ‘fleabag’ is a radical reminder that you’re perfect just the way you are and you don’t need to change yourself to please others.

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“I’m not your monkey, I’m not your puppy
I’m just a fleabag, nobody loves me at all…”

Which of these tracks is your favorite? Are there any unreleased songs Dom has teased that you’re hoping to get a final version of soon? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

For more YUNGBLUD content, click here – oh, and be sure to pre-order/pre-save/pre-fallinlovewith his self-titled new album right here before it comes out on September 2nd! We promise we’re gonna pre-order it as well once we decide which version to get… those signed copies are calling our name 👀


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