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YUNGBLUD Embraces Chaos In ‘Lowlife’ Music Video

YUNGBLUD Embraces Chaos In ‘Lowlife’ Music Video

YUNGBLUD Lowlife Music Video

Does anyone fancy a trip to Camden Town? If you’re a ‘Lowlife’ like YUNGBLUD, his “mini-me,” and as unique as all the interesting characters you can find there, you’ll fit right in! The ‘Lowlife’ music video is proof enough! And you know what? This might just be our favorite YUNGBLUD music video yet. Yes! We really said that. And we mean it!

The music video for ‘Lowlife’ consists of YUNGBLUD marching the streets of Camden Town in London with a version of his younger self played by Colt who Dom had met while filming the ‘Lowlife’ live performance video in New Orleans. It’s a visual representation of the chaos that life can provide while colliding the present day with the past. Because at any age, chaos will reign and we can immediately find ourselves walking right into the thick of it. Sometimes it’s best to embrace it, much like Dom and his younger self do in the music video.

I wanted to make something that looked like emo Shameless or St Trinian’s on acid. As I was writing the song, I was visualizing the video in my head. It literally helped me get the words down on paper.


The ‘Lowlife’ music video has a contagious amount of chaotic charm that inspires us to embrace the madness of life. It opens with YUNGBLUD and his “mini-me” strutting through the iconic streets of Camden Town. The duo encounters and hangs out with unique characters based on real people he’s met throughout his life. They even go fishing in a grungy toilet! Mischief wouldn’t be complete without a room full of graffiti. Shout out to “mini-me” for adding his own flare.

But What Is Written On The Walls?

We already know the Black Hearts Club will do a deep-dive into the messages found on those graffiti-covered walls in the ‘Lowlife’ music video. But we’ve also looked at the wall numerous times during our many watches of the video and we’ve picked out a few things that caught our attention.

Two things that stood out were “THE DEVIL’S CHILD” and “RIOT KID.” Let us be the first to say that these would make fantastic song titles that would sit well and pretty next to ‘Lowlife.’ Our best guess is that these could’ve been things said to YUNGBLUD and his younger self.

Maybe that’s why “WHY’D U HAVE TO HIDE ??” is also written on the wall. That instinct kicks in to hide away from criticism and hide your true self. That’s something that we’ve all felt, something that Dom’s felt in the past, and something that we should never do. Be your loud best self. Be uniquely you through and through.

And we also spotted “THERE’S DEMONS IN THE PARK.” What a lyric, right?

Camden Town Was The Perfect Location Choice

YUNGBLUD made a brilliant choice by choosing Camden Town as the setting for the ‘Lowlife’ music video. Seeing glimpses of Camden throughout the video really fits the aesthetic of the video as well as the song itself.

I knew it had to be shot in Camden Town and I wanted to be walking side by side with my younger self, guiding him through a f***ed up world based on real memories and people I have encountered in my life. Almost a message to myself saying that life doesn’t always have to be so deep and there is magic to be found in chaos and opportunity in disaster.


Camden Town is a popular place where the punk movement blossomed. It’s a bustling, vibrant location popular with tourists and locals that holds a lot of legendary stories in terms of music history as well as incredible music venues such as The Underworld. Artists such as Amy Winehouse, Blur, and Oasis have roots in Camden, as do The Ramones, Blondie, and more. It’s an incredible place and whenever we make it to London, we always make time to go there.

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The ‘Lowlife’ Music Video Fits The Song Perfectly

There’s no denying that YUNGBLUD is a lyrical genius, but not only that, he’s also a creative visionary. Dom is capable of creating songs that people can relate to all while being true to the message he wants to spread across the world. ‘Lowlife’ is an honest track that packs a powerful punch and screams out that it’s wonderful to be different. There is beauty in diversity and perfection in individuality.

Image Source: Courtesy of High Rise PR

We are so proud of Dom and everything he’s accomplished. What an incredible person with an endless amount of talent and creativity. YUNGBLUD continues to rise and we, the Black Hearts Club, will follow him and be by his side until the end.

And now with all that said and done, did anyone fancy that trip to Camden Town? We’ll see you there, Dom!

What do you think of the ‘Lowlife’ music video? Are you a YUNGBLUD stan and Black Hearts Club member? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Discord, Facebook, and Instagram.


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