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Here’s Why YUNGBLUD And WILLOW’s Collab Is Staying In Our ‘Memories’

Here’s Why YUNGBLUD And WILLOW’s Collab Is Staying In Our ‘Memories’

It’s no secret that we at THP are more than a little obsessed with YUNGBLUD, and he just gave us another reason to love him thanks to ‘Memories,’ a show-stopping collab with WILLOW that will definitely go down as one of his best songs of all time.

‘Memories’ tackles some of the hardest feelings in life: seemingly being haunted by your past and wishing it was easier to just shed those memories and dark thoughts. It has a misleadingly up-tempo beat and fun guitar line that keep the song engaging, while Dom and WILLOW take turns describing their most daunting feelings and how those have shaped their lives.

Dom spoke to Apple Music’s ALT CTRL radio about what the track means to him, and his insight makes the messages in the song even more powerful to us. As we inch closer to the release of his self-titled YUNGBLUD album this fall, it’s clear that this project might just be his most personal so far. While his past EPs and albums have largely focused on issues in society and standing up for social justice, YUNGBLUD is more self-centric, channeling his own inner thoughts and narratives rather than hiding his feelings behind broader social statements.

I think with ‘Memories’ I wanted to create a song that would allow people to let go of past trauma in any regard whether that be a relationship, whether that be abuse, whether that be a misconception in terms of race, in terms of gender, in terms of anything. I wanted to create a song that would allow people to scream in one room and take each other’s burdens on together because if we carry it together, the load is easier.

YUNGBLUD to Apple Music’s ALT CTRL

‘Memories’ also adds to WILLOW’s hot streak over the past few months, delivering both pop-punk anthems on her own and stadium-ready smashes with artists like Machine Gun Kelly, PinkPantheress, and Camila Cabello. We’ve been wanting Dom and WILLOW to collab since she appeared on The YUNGBLUD Podcast back in August 2021, so we’re stoked that this iconic duo has finally teamed up for a song. 

I love WILLOW. I think she’s phenomenal. I think she’s very rare. I think she’s got a voice like that will transcend for years to come. I think she’s got something to say. And I think what’s so sick about her is that it’s another artist at the minute that’s pushing rock and roll forward. I think she represents something and I think she represents something and she has something to say and I back it, man.

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YUNGBLUD to Apple Music’s ALT CTRL

How many of your playlists have you added ‘Memories’ to so far? Who do you hope Dom collabs with next? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more new music recs you won’t be able to get out of your head, click here



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