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7 Iconic Red Velvet Stages To Remember Forever

7 Iconic Red Velvet Stages To Remember Forever

Red Velvet

Are you missing these five queens as much as we are? We are always in desperate need of more OT5 Red Velvet, but the girls have been exploring other projects such as Yeri acting, Wendy and Joy releasing solo albums, and Seulgi and Irene debuting as the group’s first sub-unit. Musically we can’t complain but Red Velvet hit the hardest when they are together as five and release banger songs.


We are absolutely obsessed with Red Velvet here at THP and can’t deny how iconic the group’s stages can get! With all of them being amazing dancers, Seulgi leading the pack, and all of them having killer vocals, Wendy says hi, Red Velvet are a force to be reckoned with. So, let’s head down memory lane and remember the girls’ seven most iconic stages!

‘Psycho’ OT5

We had to wait one year after its release to get an official ‘Psycho’ stage with all five members and what a stage it was! We all missed Wendy terribly and it was so good to see her back on stage and absolutely kill it. The stage was exclusively performed at the New Year SMTOWN concert and it was the perfect way to start 2021.

‘Peek-A-Boo’ Joy’s Rainbow Dress

Everyone knows about rainbow dress girl! Joy keeps going viral and owning everyone’s hearts with unexpected things. The rainbow outfits for ‘Peek-A-Boo’ were truly iconic and Joy in that dress has gone down in K-Pop history. Only Red Velvet and their amazing stage presence.

‘Bad Boy’ Comeback Stage

The views of this comeback stage kind of speaks for themselves, but it is safe to say that ‘Bad Boy’ is one of Red Velvet’s best songs and this stage is one of their most iconic. They never looked better, the song is a total banger, and ReVeluv, and we are still loving it even after years of its release.

Joy Tango Dance

We don’t want to out ourselves as Joy biased but maybe we love this girl a tad bit too much. The Red Velvet’s La Rouge concert in 2019 (sigh how we miss that time) was truly one for the books, but the solo stages are where it’s truly at. RV are all fantastic dancers but Joy’s solo tango stage totally blew us away!

‘Happiness’ Debut Stage

We couldn’t be listing Red Velvet’s iconic stages without including RV’s debut stage. This is where it all began. Seven years ago we met the, then only four girls, for the first time with ‘Happiness’ and lost our hearts! It is amazing to see how far they have come and how much they have grown since then. Anyone need a tissue? Just us? Okay.

‘Sunny Side Up’

It is positive to say that ‘Sunny Side Up’ is one of our favorite Red Velvet b-sides and it was so good to see it being promoted alongside the title song ‘Zimzalabim.’ Every single one of these stages is precious but this one especially is truly iconic!

‘You Better Know’

We are ending this Red Velvet celebration with the stage. ‘You better know’ is such an iconic song by itself but this M COUNTDOWN stage is absolutely mind-blowing. The girls look so good in their white and blue outfits, their vocals are on point and the choreo is so sharp we just cannot look away. RV are icons.

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You can tell we love Red Velvet here at THP and are so excited to see what’s next for the group! What’s your favorite Red Velvet stage? Who is your Red Velvet bias? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop! Or find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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