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Louis Tomlinson And His Fans Share A Special Bond

Louis Tomlinson And His Fans Share A Special Bond

What do you call a safe place? We, Louies, call it Louis Tomlinson. Don’t we? This Doncaster lad has owned our hearts since the X-Factor days by his heart-throbbing smile while singing ‘Hey There Delilah,’ and it is still going strong. We feel pity for those who have not filled their life with the personality and voice of Louis Tomlinson. It’s like, you are resisting yourself from experiencing a life of a living angel.

There are a million reasons why Louis Tomlinson’s fans are called the “passionate bunch.” One of them is true dedication. The way Louies, from all over the place, come together to support their idol is utterly heart-warming and eye-catching. Louies will do anything for him, and the way Louis treats his fans seems like “Best Friends Forever.”

So we’re going full fan-girl, as we take you to on the ride that is, our relationship with Lou. This Doncaster lad and his fans have such a never-ending special bond, and we know a single page is not enough to describe this bond. But, we are showcasing the best of it while keeping the article short and sweet.

Walls Has Re-Entered The UK Album Chart

The Walls era seems to be drawing to an end, as we know LT2 is cooking. But the power Walls holds is still immaculate. Louies (including us), cannot get over his first solo album.

After 18 months of the album’s release, Walls has re-entered the UK Album Chart. The Official UK Album Chart has released that Walls by Louis Tomlinson has re-entered with 15th position. It’s the mid-week chart, and the main chart will be updated soon. Louies never miss a chance to give the album the recognition it deserves. The chart data released that Walls is aiming for a return to the top 20 UK Album Chart. It previously peaked at number 4.

Louis UAs Come Together To Radiate Team Spirit

Louis Tomlinson and his fans radiate team spirit that has a family feeling. The way Louis Tomlinson update accounts come together and work on projects, proves how strong their bond and dedication is. Most importantly, they are enormously friendly and helpful towards each other, and these collaborative fan projects prove that. A few months ago, both Walls and the single ‘Kill My Mind’ hit number 1 spot on iTunes India Top Albums and iTunes India Top Songs. Indian Louies bought the album and the single from iTunes, in massive numbers. They even helped fellow fans buy the records, which proves just how much Louis Tomlinson means to them.

Louies working together to create history, is very common in this fandom. Nobody can touch them when it is time for fandom power. And here at The Honey POP, we know and celebrate the power that fans hold.

Recently, Walls hit the number 3 spot on the UK iTunes Album Chart too. The power of this fandom is boundless. Louies don’t waste time when it comes charting his songs and album. As Louis says, “My fans are the best fans in the world.” We couldn’t agree more!

Louis, The Best Friend Of Louies

There isn’t a moment where Louis doesn’t make this feel like home. His way of interacting with his fans is incredible and he treats us all like his best friends. Most importantly, Louis is a down-to-earth person on whom we can all depend. He is genuine, authentic and open, and we’re so thankful that we all get to have that kind of relationship with Lou.

Louis never misses a chance to appreciate his fans. He always tries to include his fans in whatever he is doing. God bless this angel who deserves the world. Louis always says the support he gets from his fans every time, is incredible. We will always support you Louis. We feel so safe when Louis checks on us on Twitter.

Making the fans feel included is very very important to me. And I just like them to feel part of the process you know. I want the fans or I want me to feel like one of them. And like we’re doing it together as a team is important to me.

Louis Tomlinson via On Demand Entertainment

Our hearts jump when he calls us “legends.” Wow, we are his legends. Imagine the flex.

Tell us an artist who thinks about his fans the way Louis Tomlinson does? We’ll wait! We know it is hard to choose. Whether we are talking to strangers on Omegle to promote his music, or voting for awards, Louis has eyes on the support we give him. Remember when we voted for him 26 billion times? Friendly reminder, the world population is 7.8 billion. It is Louis Tomlinson World Domination.

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For a recent HMV Centenary Limited Edition Walls vinyl, Louis and his team shared a google form where they not only asked where the fans want to see him performing live, but also what size options we want for the merch. Yes, we stan a king who takes care of every detail for his fans.

The Away From Home Festival

Have you ever heard of any artist doing a live show for free? Yes, you heard it right. It is free! Louis Tomlinson, our sassy king, is creating history. The Away From Home Festival, created by Louis Tomlinson, is a free one day festival concert happening at Crystal Palace Bowl in London on Bank Holiday (that’s a public holiday). On August 30, Louis will perform at this venue featuring The Snuts, BILK, and Jess Iszatt. Ah, Louis Tomlinson’s new concert…We are getting butterflies. Honestly, we don’t deserve Louis, the ultimate king of our lives.

Louis Tomlinson always makes us feel superior. For him, Louies are his biggest inspiration. Wow, to be an inspiration to Louis William Tomlinson.

Walls To 500M

Let’s get ready for the festival while streaming Walls on Spotify. It is so closed to hitting 500 million streams. His first solo album is such a success, and we’ve got every song on repeat here at THP HQ. Walls is an album with no skips, and fans can relate to every lyric of the album. Louis is honest with lyrics, making Walls a lyrical masterpiece, that fulfills our musical appetite. Stream the album Walls here.

[apple_music_ad artist=”Louis Tomlinson” song=”Walls”]

Nothing can come between Louis Tomlinson and his fans. The relationship is so pure. We never feel left out when it comes to Lou. Moreover, Louis always makes sure to include us, whether in his songs or any projects. Life is too short to not stan Louis Tomlinson. Once you become a Louie, there is no escape. He is our home.

Let’s make a set-list for the festival while we wait! Will he sing new songs from LT2? We sure want to hear ‘Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy.’ What about you? Share your ideas about how Walls has saved you and how Louis has become your best friend for life at @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook.

Need more Louis Tomlinson content for comfort? We have got you covered loves.


Featured Image Source: Gary Gershoff for iHeartMedia via Getty Images

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