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Away From Home Festival: 5 Times Louis Tomlinson Made This Feel Like Home!

Away From Home Festival: 5 Times Louis Tomlinson Made This Feel Like Home!

Louis Tomlinson is our home. Constantly reminding us just how much he cares, Louis never fails to make us Louie’s feel valued and loved. And once again, our sunshine is putting fans first. Louis has just announced The Away From Home Festival, a free, real-life concert day in London, on August 30th! Sorry, we’re a bit delayed in simping with you all, but just like all of you, our priority was solely focused on refreshing the website for an hour! Worth. It.

Louis makes this feel like home, so, ironically, he’s named it The Away From Home Festival, when really, attending it will mean we are closer to our home than ever before. Excuse us while we cry. We’re practically dehydrated at this point. So, what better way to get excited about the festival than with five ways that Louis Tomlinson has made this feel like home!

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“Hope Everyone Is Doing Alright!”

Louis is constantly checking in with us, and he’s stepped that up even more in the last year and a half, throughout the pandemic. The previous 18 months (sorry!) have been a challenging time for everyone, and for so many of us, Louis’ check in tweets brighten up what have sometimes been pretty tough days. A quick check-in reminds us that Lou is often chilling out and randomly thinking about us as he goes about his day! Whether it’s a quick “Hope everyone’s alright,” a reminder to have “Faith In The Future,” or an hour-long Twitter sesh, Louis always makes us feel cared for, comforted, and appreciated.

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We’re Part Of The Team!

Louis always shows his appreciation to his powerful Louie’s and the efforts and lengths we go to promote and support him. He regularly thanks us and lets us know he sees us! Whether we are telling strangers on Omegle to stream ‘Defenceless‘ and ‘Kill My Mind,’ or we’re voting in our billions for awards, Louis doesn’t miss a thing! And that’s both exciting and also terrifying! Just recently, Louis even sought our opinions on his future merch releases! On his online form to win a HMV Centenary Limited Edition Walls vinyl, Louis asked us what we wanted and even what sizing options we would like! Yasss, inclusive king! The Honey POP knows that fans are some of the best promo teams in the world, and that has never been more evident than with Louis Tomlinson stans! Clearly, Louis knows it too!

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Louis showed us just how important we are in his team when he invited us to be part of his Live From London live stream show in 2020. Louie’s submitted videos in the thousands and many were shown on stage as Lou sang ‘Kill My Mind.’ Seeing him turn around and look at the faces of his fans from across the world on what was one of the most viewed streams of the entire year was one of the purest moments we’ve ever experienced and confirms just how much Louis values us. We stan an appreciative king.

The Music

Louis Tomlinson is one of the most talented songwriters of the generation. His music is thoughtful, relatable, and comforting to so many of us. Walls, in its entirety, feels like home. Whether it’s the life-coaching we can all take from ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart,’ the comfort and safety-net of ‘Two Of Us’ to fans who have also lost somebody, or the connection LGBTQIA+ fans feel when listening to ‘Only The Brave;’ Louis’ music lives in our souls, and always will. And with Louis now signed with BMG and LT2 currently in progress, we know that Louis’ next musical journey will be a journey for each and every one of us too.

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Caring About Good Causes

It’s hard to even choose our favorite moment lately, of Louis showing what a beautiful human he is. Maybe it was when he absolutely butchered a cucumber and demanded four fish fingers on Full Time Meals with Marcus Rashford and Tom Kerridge; to show people how to cook low-cost family-friendly meals and reduce food poverty. Maybe it was him taking part in Isabella Signs CelebSign Of The Week to raise awareness and encourage people to learn sign language. Louis is constantly doing good! Louis uses his platform to share positivity and love, and that encourages all of us to do better and be better. Louis is even planning to start his own artist management company to support future artists in the industry! And these are all only the most recent examples! Louie’s have also done so much in Louis’ name because of the shining example he gives us all. The kindness of Louis’ heart makes this feel like home.

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We’re At The Heart Of It All

Louis seems to always be thinking of ways to brighten our days. At the start of July, Louis randomly sent “369” gifts to fans just to make us smile! Limited edition prints, along with a bucket hat and a thank you letter from Louis, were received by unsuspecting Louie’s, and for two weeks, we were on edge every time we got mail!

And once again, Louis has brought together a plan to show us how much we mean and to thank us for the support we’ve shown him. The Away From Home Festival feels like a massive step in Louis’ constant plans to let us know he sees and appreciates us.

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See Also

The festival will be held at Crystal Palace Bowl, in London, on August 30th. The outdoor venue has a capacity of 8,500, and tickets are completely free. Fans can register online to have a chance of winning two tickets! Joining Louis for this special live performance will be Scottish band The Snuts, Essex Indie-Punk newcomers Bilk, and DJ sets from the incredible Jess Iszatt. Louis has been planning this for over 12 months. He even gave us a hint earlier this year about “something big” coming later in the year. This is it, as Louis confirmed on Twitter!

Louis has promised this is “going to be special!” and we are beside ourselves with excitement. Louis also dropped further news on Twitter when he explained that he is hoping for this to be an annual event! And very excitingly, for Louie’s who cannot get to London, Louis has let us know to watch this space! A live stream concert is being planned for a few days after the festival! More info on that will come soon, and don’t worry. We’ll bring you that news as soon as we have it!

The Details!

For more info on The Away From Home Festival and to enter the ticket draw to get tickets, you can click here. Make sure you check out the rules and requirements on the site, including Covid safety rules and age restrictions. Also, note the fact that all tickets are non-transferrable. That means if you enter and win a ticket, but you cannot attend, your ticket will not be reallocated to someone else who could have attended. Let’s all be mindful of that, so as many Louie’s as possible can enjoy the festival! We’ll see you there (hopefully!).

What is it about Louis that makes this feel like home? Have you entered for tickets to the festival? What songs are you hoping will be on the setlist? Come and chat with us and simp about Lou together! Drop us a comment below, or come on over to our Twitter at @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook.

Need more Louis Tomlinson content to make you feel all warm and cosy? We’ve got you covered!


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